34 and 26.2 and the 60’s to the 70’s

I ran 34 miles last week y’all.  Of course that was spread out over 7 days but on average I’m running around 5 miles a day and let’s be honest, I’m loving it, especially when the weather is great as it was this weekend.

I’m pretty sure I look like this when the temps dip into the sixties,

happy runner

Unfortunately that weather didn’t last because this morning the temperature and dew points were back in the 70’s.  I managed to run 5 miles anyway, well sort of, I walked a little portion of it and it wasn’t pretty but I got it done.


It’s not me, it’s my sweat.  Can we please have the Fall weather back again?

Last Friday MacGyver and I went to a ton of community garage sales.  We didn’t buy a lot of things but we got a few good items.  And then when MacGyver went hunting on Saturday, I went to a thousand more.  Obviously I’m out of control but I got some good stuff.

On Sunday morning I watched the New York City Marathon.  I love Shalane Flanagan.  She’s just such a great competitor and so inspirational.  I loved how she fought so hard at the end and passed two other runners to go from fifth to third and win a spot on the podium.  It was epic.


It still gives me goosebumps.

Forbes had a great little article online which gave all kinds of interesting stats about the NYC Marathon.

forbes marathon statsClick on the image above if you want to read it.

I also saw this story online which I thought was definitely worth sharing.  It’s the true story of a woman who’s doctor actually told her she was too fat to run.  Seriously.

too fat to runShe proved him wrong and has since run several marathons including the NYC Marathon.  Click on the image to read it, you’ll enjoy the story.

How was your weekend?

Did you watch the NYC Marathon?

How is the weather where you live and is it affecting your running?

4 thoughts on “34 and 26.2 and the 60’s to the 70’s

  1. I’m still in awe of the 70woman (Jeanne Rice I think) who won her age group at Chicago.

    Are you interested in the St Pete run fest? I think I’m going to run the 5k on the 17th instead of the Tampa Hot Chocolate (think I’m going to do that one in AZ).

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