WTF Wednesday, it’s a booootiful day

Our weather could not be any more perfect.  It’s been so dry and even though it’s quite hot in the afternoon, it’s bearable.  Not at all like summer when you’re sweating while you drink your morning coffee.

And it’s a good thing our weather is so nice because, HALLOWEEN!


Over decorate much?

For the record, I took that picture last year while MacGyver and I were out driving.  I would never ever decorate like that.  Besides, I prefer wreaths to pumpkins.

This year little Hank will be dressed as Chewbacca.  Boomer was supposed to be Hans Solo but he did not appreciate the costume so he may have to be a Grumpy old man, which was the back up costume.

MacGyver and I don’t typically dress up although I did see this costume online and I thought it would be perfect if the kid were here.

halloween pun costume

I am all about the pun-ny costumes, get it?  Unfortunately, the kid is in his 20’s so I don’t how he’d feel about wearing a diaper but I get the feeling he’d revolt.  Actually, I’m pretty sure he would.

I’m thinking of moving to Texas.  I just have to convince MacGyver that it’s a good choice.  I mean, I have found my perfect job.  PERFECT.

It’s a pupternship.  You actually get paid a hundred bucks an hour to hang out with dogs.  No, I’m totally serious.

muttsThe only caveat, I don’t live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  So, I need to convince MacGyver that we have to move or I need to convince Muttt’s to open a location here.  Mutt’s, are you listening?  Mutt’s?  Mutt’s?  Bueller?  Bueller?

WTF, it’s Wednesday, did you dress up today?  What’s your costume?

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