29 Miles, Fall is here and new tshirts

Can we talk about this for a second?

Todays weatherFALL HAS ARRIVED IN FLORIDA, for a few days anyway.


And then it goes away for a few days and then it comes back again, welcome to Florida.

I ran 29 miles last week y’all, TWENTY NINE, do you know how big that is for me?  Well, let me tell you, it was huge.  I didn’t really have any long runs per se but I did manage to run 5 miles for a few days in a row so maybe, just maybe, I’m getting a little better.


I don’t want to get too excited about it though because the truth is it’s much easier for me to run, and breath in general, when the temperatures are lower and the humidity is manageable.

Over the weekend MacGyver went hunting on Saturday.  I knew he would be gone all day so I was really excited to get a ton of stuff done around the house.  Normally we go to the other house or our cabin or we have things planned so I was really looking forward to accomplishing some things around here.

Except I didn’t.

I mean, I got up early and I ran and then I went to a few garage sales but let’s face it, garage sales suck when your by yourself.  So I went back home and for most of the day I sat on the sofa curled up with the dogs.  I want to say that on Sunday I got the to do list done but actually, I repeated Saturday almost to a T.  The main difference being MacGyver joined me.

I ordered a few t shirts this morning and then pinned them to my pinterest board.

grammer shirt

Cool t shirt

That second shirt is so accurate for me right now.  Twice in the last few weeks I’ve been on the phone while driving in my car and totally forgot how to get to where I was going.  For real.  The first time I was going to the Dollar Gentral and I swear I’ve driven by it a thousand times and shopped in there at least 20 and I couldn’t remember how to get there.  What’s worse, is that it’s literally 1.5 miles and 2 turns from my house.  Scary crazy.  Hopefully it was just a side effect of having a shit ton of stuff to do.

I did find something cool this weekend.

snake shed

Can you tell what it is?

It’s another snake shed!  Yes, I realize I said another.  I’m that girl that likes finding cool stuff like snake sheds and baby turtles and cool bugs in my backyard.  Except spiders.  Fuck spiders.

How was your weekend?

Did you do anything fun?  Did you run?

Friday five, big bucks, Bueller and Pisces pants

If you do anything today, go buy a mega millions lottery ticket.   I mean, how can you not?  It might reach a billion dollars.  Do you have any idea what I could do with a billion dollars?


We’re supposed to get a cold front on Sunday which should lower our mid day temperatures to the mid eighties.  I am beyond excited about it.


I might run all the miles.  All of them.

Did you see the story about Texas’s Ferris Bueller?  The kid who stole his mom’s BMW while she was at work?  Oh My God, the video of her going after that child is hilarious.  I’m pretty sure he’s grounded for life.

So Netflix has cancelled Orange is the New Black.  Isn’t that crazy?  Maybe their ratings have dropped, I don’t know, but I really like that show although, not as much as I used to.  The first two seasons were my favorite and then it sort of fell out of favor with me.  Thankfully I have about 100 other shows I love.

And the last thing on my Friday five is zodiac leggings.  Have you seen this article?

zodiac leggingsWhen I saw that article I was like, ‘well that’s just ridiculous.’  Of course you know I clicked on it anyway because that’s how I do and guess what?  I was laughing at the first few pairs and then BOOM, I got to Virgo, which is me, and I LOVED them.  Imagine that shit…check it out by clicking on the picture and let me know if your Zodiac Leggings are spot on or way the hell off.

Have a fabulous fall weekend!

So much stress…..

On Tuesday I got a call from a client at 3 in the afternoon.  Due to a major issue with her computer she had to replace it and now couldn’t figure out how to set up her email.  Two hours later, I thought we had the problem resolved.

Yesterday at 1:30 in the afternoon she called again and after many hours, precisely at 5:30 or 4 hours later, I had to end the call.


Do you know how hard it is to set up email for someone over the phone when they have no idea which program or what versions they are using?  It’s fucking impossible.  If she doesn’t have it figured out this morning I’m going to drive over and set it up myself to save an entire day of getting nothing else done.

Next week I’m going to be doing a stress test that my cardiologist ordered, and it’s stressing me out.

Not the actual running on the treadmill part but the expectations my cardiologist has.  I asked him what to expect from the test and he said I’d be able to handle it.  But then he warned me that I wouldn’t be able to last for all 15 minutes because knowing that I’m a runner, he’ll be ramping up the speed every 2 minutes and higher than for someone who doesn’t normally run.

Great.  Now I feel like I have to run like it’s a race.



I thought that I would be able to give him some of my fitbit data since it tracks my heart rate all the time including while I exercise except, I still can’t get the damn thing to sync!

I spent an hour this morning going through all of the troubleshooting suggestions again and still, no sync.


It’s not my heart that is causing me stress, it’s freakin technology!

Are you tech savvy or tech shy?