A little update, because it was on my to do list

I never finish my to do list.  It’s an endless diatribe of angry babble reminding me of the things that I have to do, the things I really should do, and things that I want to do if I could just finish the first two things.

For the record my to do list looks nothing like this one but I want this one instead.

to do list

My to do list is a myriad of line items, crossed off, written back in, and sometimes added to.  It’s never ending.  Either my days are getting shorter or I fall down rabbit holes regularly.

I ran 21 miles last week in 6 days.  It wasn’t stellar, it wasn’t long or fast and not one run really stood out above the others but the point is, I’m still running and I’m hoping to get back to where I was, soon.  Hoping.

I met with my gastroenterologist last week and she told me that my biopsies came back and they didn’t show anything.  Then she put me on some medications and told me we have to do another colonoscopy and endoscopy in a few months to see if we can get better samples.

um no

I’m thinking, um, no.  I really don’t want to do that again so we need a better solution.  So far she hasn’t come up with anything.

I’ve been making wreaths like a crazy person.  MacGyver says I have to sell some of them because 1 wreath is enough and 2 is tolerable but 11 is way overboard.


I cannot be stopped.  I need to be creative.  I need projects.

I did put my creative talents to work in other areas over the last week.  I found an old dresser in a neighbors garbage.  I know what you’re thinking but it was a nice wood dresser with good bones, it was just ugly.

So I took it out of the garbage and MacGyver helped me get it back to our house and after 2 full days of working on it, it looks like this now.

new dresser

It looks perfect in the guest room of our Nokomis house and I’m love it.  But now I want another one.  Can you see whey my to do list never ends?

What did you do this weekend?

Are you a crafty or creative person?  What’s your talent?

6 thoughts on “A little update, because it was on my to do list

  1. Great job! I’ve just started thinking about how to landscape the backyard; thinking a small pond, too.

    Hardly any running for me :(. It’s just so hard for me to wake up and run before work. Still toying with the idea of a treadmill. Maybe rent one.

      • Oh I meant to say Dr is crazy to think you’d want to have that procedure down again! Like why wouldn’t you ensure the samples were good/enough the first damn time lol

        I’d have no way of getting a treadmill home if I used CL. Part of why I thought I’d rent one (if they deliver to my area).

        • Yes, the dr. is crazy. I think if I have to do it again, I’ll ask for the camera pill though I’m not sure how that really works.
          Have you ever rented the trucks at home depot? They’re 20 bucks I think. Might be a good solution especially if you have a ton of stuff to pick up in one day.

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