Throw back Thursday, Disney World

Over the weekend MacGyver and I found this great estate sale.  One of those rare ones where you can actually pick through boxes and shit.  It was amazing and I bought a green hall water pitcher.  When I brought the pitcher home and put it in the sink to wash it, I realized there was something inside.

Disney Tickets!

disney tickets

And there were 4 of them.

From 2001

disney 2001

In July of 2001 a Disney ticket sold for 48 dollars plus tax.

Seventeen years later, a Disney World ticket will cost you $116.09!  I wonder if they’ll let me use these tickets today?  Probably not.

Tell me something you bought in 2001 and what you paid for it.

2 thoughts on “Throw back Thursday, Disney World

  1. That’s so cool…the tickets are so “vintage” looking and yet its just 17 years ago….Oh, Lord I am getting old!

    I get super excited when I find money in the dryer….yes, I live a sheltered little life. ha!

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