Getting to the bottom of things, literally

After going to the eye doctor on Monday and after my eyes were no longer dilated, I put my contact lenses back in.  I just want to mention that my coconut oil and my contact lens solution look very similar.  They are both clear bottles with blue writing, which is probably why I didn’t realize I had mistaken one for the other until my eyes started to burn.

eye pain

It was so much fun.

Do you know what’s even more fun?  What I’m doing tomorrow…


Well, I don’t remember ever wearing anything so ugly but the doctor says I’m ready so I guess I am.


Actually, even better than a colonoscopy, I’m also having an endoscopy at the same time, oh the joy!  I’ll be exceptionally glad when all this is over.  Seriously.


I’ll be glad when the doctors finally figure out what’s going on but I’m also happy to forgo this procedure if I could.



Since you can’t eat anything the day leading up those two procedures, I’ve decided not to run today. Because I”m always hungry anyway but if I run it’ll be twofold.

Wish me luck for tomorrow.

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