Fitbit struggles from a healthy junky

So my damn fitbit hasn’t synced since late August.  I’ve tried every suggested fix short of losing all of my data and still nothing.  The next step includes a reset and that’s when I’ll lose all of my data so I’m sort of pissed.  I mean, I just got the damn thing back a few months ago.


Lately I’ve spent more time trying to sync and fix it than I have working out so I’m wondering what the breaking point is….

Ugh, gadgets.

Last week when I had my procedures the nurse had a bit of trouble finding my vein.  It wasn’t too terribly bad and she only missed once but she had to put the IV in my hand and I tend to bruise pretty bad there.


It isn’t painful, it just looks really bad {way worse than the pictures} but I’ve had mad fun with it.  Whenever I’m out and about and someone looks at me or says something, I make comments like, ‘yeah, I know, I need to find another vein’ and then I crack up at the side eye I get.

Do you bruise easy?

Any fitbit struggles for you?

6 thoughts on “Fitbit struggles from a healthy junky

  1. I got sick of syncing my Fitbit daily so I quit doing it …then i just downloaded the app again and figured I would do it again and wouldn’t you know the day after I started tracking again one side of the band fell off.

    I have had it about 2 years and worn it daily …through many workouts…with sweat and gunk built up under it….I cleaned out the locking area but it keeps falling off ???!!!

    Not sure what I can do about that but I am thinking it was karma….just when I thought about tracking again and it falls apart?!

  2. My Garmin started working again after two weeks of being dead. I like my TomTom better. I think I had a fitbit that stopped syncing too. Have you tried another computerfor syncing?

    I bruise easy, too. People ask me about my bruises and I’m always I have no idea. I bruise whenever I bump into something.

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