Fall is here and it’s National Punctuation Day

Hey there, happy Fall.  I really, really wanted to put on an orange sweater today with a really nice plaid scarf while I drink my caramel macchiato latte but then I remembered that I live in Florida.

Florida Seasons

Since it is Fall, I built another wreath this weekend.  I am so damn addicted now that I think I might build a shit ton and then sell them.  This is the latest one.

I ended up putting that one on my front door because each new one that I do I end up falling in love with it.  It’s obviously a problem.

Did you know that today is National Punctuation Day?  Well it is.  And in honor of this super important day, here are some lovely memes to help you celebrate and hopefully crack you up.



How to properly use punctuation…

But let’s not just celebrate punctuation, let me make your Monday just a little more enjoyable with this delightful, if not a bit corny, meme.


Have a great Monday.

On a scale of 1-10, how crafty are you?

Throw back Thursday, Disney World

Over the weekend MacGyver and I found this great estate sale.  One of those rare ones where you can actually pick through boxes and shit.  It was amazing and I bought a green hall water pitcher.  When I brought the pitcher home and put it in the sink to wash it, I realized there was something inside.

Disney Tickets!

disney tickets

And there were 4 of them.

From 2001

disney 2001

In July of 2001 a Disney ticket sold for 48 dollars plus tax.

Seventeen years later, a Disney World ticket will cost you $116.09!  I wonder if they’ll let me use these tickets today?  Probably not.

Tell me something you bought in 2001 and what you paid for it.

WTF Wednesday, Wreath me alone

So, this post is a little late today.  I was up at the usual 5:30 AM, I ran, walked the dogs, showered and then got ready to get on the computer.  Except, one of the dogs was farting.  And y’all, it was bad.

fart dogs

Completely accurate.

That’s the reason I spent most of my morning outside on the lanai.  Because my dogs are gross and they stink.  And also because I’m trying to contain all the glitter to one area.  You may have heard me mention it at least a hundred times or more but I hate glitter, it’s the herpes of the craft world but there’s a reason it’s all over my house.

glitter herpes

The reason for the glitter is my obsession with making things and you tube.  I’m pretty sure I could perform a vasectomy with the right you tube video.  No, I’m absolutely sure.  You tube is the best thing ever for audio/visual learners but I digress, let’s talk about why my house looks like the day after a disco party gone wrong.


I wanted to make my mother in law a wreath for the fall since she’s getting out of the hospital today.  And as luck would have it, I found a great tutorial on youtube and I made this one for her.

burlap wreath

And then I fell down the rabbit hole.  I found more tutorials and more ideas and after 7 trips to the dollar tree, all the supplies I needed.

And then I made this one for me.


And I might have made one or two more but I’m not publicly admitting to anything.  I do have a question though, why on God’s green earth does the Dollar Tree put glitter on practically everything?  WHY?  It’s completely unnecessary.  I mean really.

WTF, It’s Wednesday and today I’m steering clear of youtube and the dog’s butt.