WTF Wednesday, birthday eve biopsy scheduling

I was on a roll with running.  I had a real streak going……. until today.  You would think today would have been a no-brainer, because it’s my birthday eve, but it wasn’t.  I ran about a mile and three quarters, and then I walked the rest, until I hit three miles and then I called it quits.  Today was not my day.

Today I meet with the surgeon to schedule the biopsy of my subcutaneous nodule and then I meet with my regular doctor.  Today I try to convince my doctor that she needs to refer me to a doctor who can better manage my case and determine what tests need to be run to lead to a quicker diagnosis and result in earlier treatment options.

It’s not that I’m feeling bad, per se.  It’s just that I’m not feeling great and I’m tired of it.  I’m not myself.  I know that something is wrong and I have a very good idea of what that something is.   It’s my own fault.  I actually got a diagnosis 10 years ago but I ignored it because there wasn’t a biopsy and it wasn’t conclusive.  It still isn’t conclusive and I need to make it so so that’s what I’m doing on my birthday eve.  Or at least trying to.

WTF, it’s Wednesday, maybe afterwards I’ll go shopping?


6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, birthday eve biopsy scheduling

  1. Happiest of Birthdays, Flower! SO hope you’re able to sort out all the medical and get the answers you need. Good Luck and will be thinking about you!

  2. Hope you get your referral so you can get answers and feeling better soon!

    My new watch came in! I ordered an old model TomTom Spark. It’s a small so it fits nicely. I had a TomTom before my last Garmin so I’m familiar with it.

    Happy birthday early in case you’re not online tomorrow!

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