Happy Birthday to me

birthday meme

It’s true.  You know it is.

Anywho, it’s my birthday.  Yesterday I went to the doctor.  I thought I was going to go schedule a biopsy and see my regular doctor to get a referral.


Surprise, I got a biopsy.  I don’t know what the hell I was thinking and why I didn’t realize they were just going to go ahead and cut that little nodule out but that’s exactly what they did.  Now I just have to wait…and it could take up to six weeks.  And it still might be inconclusive…because this is my life.


Guess what?

I woke up to the best present ever…

pink fishing pole

That’s my new rod and reel and yes, my rod is pink, PINK.  MacGyver is the best.  I’ve got some new running shoes coming today too because he knows how to make me happy.

Now, y’all will have to forgive me, I’m off to celebrate.  I’ll be back tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me

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  2. I just found your blog because I did a search for running and radiculopathy. I loved the post I found about that, Then I clicked to see your latest post and discovered that not only do we both run, have radiculopathy, but we are birthday twins. I look forward to catching up on your back and nerve pain sitch and the process of running with the misbehaving back, plus I hope you had a very happy birthday!

    • Yay for birthday twins! Boo for radiculopathy, it’s the worst, well any back pain is really, right? I bitch about it often and the different things my doctors recommend so you’ll probably hear a lot about that if you come back lol Hope you’re birthday was a happy one as well!

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