19.5 miles, some injuries, and a pig in costumes.

I ran 19.5 miles last week.  Sounds like such a small amount but it was really big considering I haven’t been able to run all that much lately.   The best part is I split that 19.5 miles up over 7 days so I ran every day.  Some days it was 3 miles and some days 2 but I didn’t care, I ran.

And I’m pretty sure that I was so happy you could see it.

happy running

Girl, I get it.

I’m meeting with two of my doctors this Wednesday so hopefully we’ll get closer to finding some answers because I’d like to increase that 19.5 to 40.  That would make me really happy.

Over the weekend MacGyver and I went to a few garage sales and estate sales.  We found a few things but the best thing we found were the two benches I needed for my new table in Nokomis.  I’m super excited to take those down.

Our neighbor also moved to Maine so we had to say goodbye to Tilly.

Hank and Tilly

Hank will seriously miss that pig.

My neighbor had a very long drive, which unfortunately was over twice as long because his truck had some mechanical issues.  I had hoped to make the trip less boring by sending pics of Tilly dressed up in Hank’s costumes that I took when I babysat and he didn’t know about.

Here are a few of them…

Pig in costume

Tilly as Chewbacca

pig hotdog

What’s in a hotdog anyway…..?? This might be wrong on so many levels

sporty pig

This is my favorite, it looks like she’s saying, ‘sports is hard y’all.’

I might have to get myself a pig now.

On Saturday afternoon I was picking up some tree limbs from the backyard and MacGyver came out to help me and rolled his ankle.  It isn’t broken but it hurts so he had to stay off of it all day yesterday.

That’s why I ended up doing the lawn work.  Mowing, weedeating, trimming, you know, the usual.  Don’t get me wrong I like doing lawn work but lately I’ve been all kinds of clumsy and that’s why this post is so late today.

Because it’s a bit hard to type with my left hand, in particular, my left ring finger.

hurt finger


While I was writing this post MacGyver and I were watching something on TV and they were talking about first memories and I said I can remember my very first memory.  So MacGyver asked me about it and I started telling him that I remember getting dressed in my little wrangler jeans…..

And MacGyver interrupted me and said, ‘of course your first memory would be about clothing, of course it would.’

How many miles did you run this week?

What’s your first memory?

5 thoughts on “19.5 miles, some injuries, and a pig in costumes.

  1. I only ran a few miles last week. And then my year old Garmin died. So I am waiting for my new watch to come. And not Garmin since they don’t last. I’ve been thinking about getting a treadmill.

    Your poor finger!

    Tilly is cute.

      • I had the entry level Garmin first and after two years the bands fell off. This one just stopped working.

        I’m not sure what kind of treadmill. I won’t get a high end one because I’m not sure how much I’d use it. I need to watch videos to kill the boredom.

  2. Ouch is right! Glad it was only your wedding ring finger and nothing important like your Motiv ring finger, haha.

    No running for me- the air quality in Seattle is extremely poor due to wildfires and they’re warning people against exercising outdoors.

    Despite what Gelman says about first memories not forming until about 3 1/2 years old, my first memory is from around 2 years old (I know from the house we lived in.) It’s of my mother and her cousin trying to open a bottle of wine with a cheap corkscrew and laughing hysterically. So I better not tell my husband or he will interrupt me and say, “of course your first memory would be about wine, of course it would.” But those little wrangler jeans sound totes adorable, haha!

    • I’m glad it was my ring finger too, can’t live without trackers, am I right? lol

      My son lives in Columbus and they have had issues with air quality too. That is so horrible especially since you both have such beautiful scenery and so many gorgeous places to visit. I would be pissed.

      I just knew you would be a Kelly and Ryan watcher too…wine…haha, love it.

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