WTF Wednesday, pillows

MacGyver had to work today.  I did too but I work from home.  I can work all day and night if I have to when I need to finish a project and he can only work when it’s daylight and the earlier the better because, Florida.  i.e. it’s seriously hot.

A typically day in Florida in the summer looks like this,

Florida heat

So, it became all too clear this morning that I would have to be the one to make our appointment with the accountant to handle our quarterly taxes.  Not that it takes a really long time, it just adds about two hours to my work day.

oh great

But I ain’t mad about it.  No really, I’m not.  To prove it I decorated MacGyver’s man cave and his garage with the loveliest of throw pillows.

WTF it’s Wednesday and nothing says I love you like bitchin up his personal space.

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