Tuesday by the twos

Two miles.  The amount that I walked yesterday morning.  It seems like such a small amount but when you’re having breathing problems and it’s hella humid, two miles is a marathon.

Two minutes.  The amount of time it will take me to put on my running shoes and run a marathon as soon as my doctors figure out what is wrong and then ultimately fix it.

when you cant run

Two Days.  The amount of time until I actually meet with my new pulmonologist.  Also, an eternity.

Two movies.  I told you about one of these months ago but these are two movies that I simply cannot wait to see.

Love, Gilda

Three Identical Strangers

Two for the price of one.  A cassette tape in which I am auditioning to be a teacher, at 8 years old because yes, I thought I needed to audition.  So I reigned in my brother and sister and on that same tape my sister can be heard pretending to be Rosanne Rosanna Danna who stepped in cat poo and my brother, who is playing my student pronounces agent as ag-ant.  AG Ant.  I have that cassette tape in my possession and I am just waiting for the perfect moment to play it again.  Embarrassing two of my siblings at the same time.  Two for the price of one.  Finding a cassette player may prove to be  challenging…… and also I just dated the hell out of myself.

Never mind found it, AMAZON.

Two Dogs.  The amount I have and the little boogers who keep me somewhat in shape by insisting I walk them many times, every. single. day.  And feed them and pet them and give them snacks and take them for car rides and….

Two Birds.  Also the amount I have although I’ve released them countless times because they refuse to leave me.

Too Many.  The amount of peacocks and ducks that I feed daily in my yard.  Also why the two birds may be refusing to leave.  My shopping bill is huge.  HUGE.

Two hours.  The amount of time I slept last night because MacGyver is in Nokomis and it was eerily quiet without the soothing sound of his snoring.

Your turn, tell me something in twos. 

8 thoughts on “Tuesday by the twos

  1. 2 days I spent on Jury duty….summonned, questioned, given a number, filling out questionnaires, called back, questioned more, chosen for duty, hearing about the criminal case and then sitting in the deliberation for hours. Only to eventually be told the attorneys settled and the defendant pleaded guility to one lesser charge (he was being charged on 3 different counts) Then told we could go home and would not be summonned for at least another 4 years!!

    • I got picked once and I was so excited until I realized it was a murder trial and they picked me as a foreperson. We weren’t sequestered but there was talk of it and the trial lasted to the wee hours of the morning for 3 damn days. I think I got paid 6 bucks a day or something and people wonder why the system is so unfair. hmmmmmm

  2. I ran (mostly) 2 miles! Not trying to rub it in. I’m out of shape and my hip and lower back ached so I’m kind of in a cycle.

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