Throwback Thursday to yesterday, because I can’t remember any further

I hope you have a happy fourth of July.  We are down in Nokomis and actually went out on our boat to watch the fireworks but I’ll get to that in a minute.

First things first.  Before we left Clearwater on Tuesday MacGyver and I headed over to the lab so I could get some tests done that my doctor had ordered.

blood work

My hat goes off to the phlebotomist because she actually got my vein on the first stick and didn’t leave a bruise and that never happens, ever.  We wont get the results back for at least a week but I have a feeling they’ll all be normal anyhow because typically, they are.  I may be over here crossing my fingers anyway though because that’s what I do.

So after the lab, MacGyver and I finished up our work for the week and then hit the road.

When we bought our first house in Nokomis we took our boat out on July 4th and watched the fireworks over the Venice inlet.  We hadn’t done that since and so this year we decided it was time to to take the boat out and watch them again.

This year Danny and his sweet girlfriend Alma are in town so we took them with us.

Venice inlet

I had forgotten how beautiful it is watching all the fireworks above the water, it’s incredible.

If you follow me on instagram you probably saw the video I posted but believe when I say, the pictures nor the video due it justice I’m not kidding.  It should be on your bucket list.  Besides I know a great place you can stay if you ever come down…hehe  Hope your fourth was fantastic too.

What did you do to celebrate?

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday to yesterday, because I can’t remember any further

  1. I hope your have answers soon.

    I intended to go to the lake to eat h the fireworks but they started early! Neighborhood also set some off lol

    I once flew at night on the 4th. That is the best way 🙂

  2. Any mosquitoes around your area?? That’s the one thing that gets old when boating around MN at night…..and since the mosquitoes love me like flies on shit …. I tend to stay indoors and listen to fireworks more than actually watch them.

    • We do get a lot of mosquitoes but fortunately it was nice and breezy on the night of the fourth and they were in hiding. Usually we don’t get them on the gulf so much but when we fish near the mangroves, I get eaten alive by the no-see-ums {sand flies}.

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