There’s no place like home, which in this case is my head.

I swear I’m in a good mood today but in case you have any doubts after reading my tangents just remember I said that.  Okay?

not in a bad mood

The Motiv ring, which I really do still love, still won’t hold a charge for longer than a few days.  I started to think that maybe it’s because I tend to be really active throughout the day and it’s constantly working, or maybe it’s just me and I’m doing something wrong.  But then when I was feeling bad last week and my activity level was much lower, it still didn’t hold a charge for longer than 2 days.


It’s the third one so I just feel like it’s something they really need to work on.  Other than that, I do love the ring.  I love that I can take a shower with it and I love that it tracks all of my activities, even swimming.  I hope that they are able to do something about the battery life though because that’s a pain.

If you remember the kid bought me the fitbit Versa for Mother’s day.  I love it.  It’s been a staple on my wrist ever since and it holds a charge for a good  or 5 days which is nice.  It also shows me the time and text messages which is really important to me. I’ve actually been wearing both the motiv ring and the fitbit Versa, well, until yesterday.

I’ve been running this week and I was pretty excited yesterday to have my 10,000 steps in before 8AM and I was really curious how many steps I had a few hours later.  I looked down at the watch and then hit the button on the left side.  Blank.


I tried everything, blank.  After researching it online and trying all the resets, I called fitbit.  They had me do all of the things I spent the previous hour already doing.  Still blank.  I told the lady from fitbit that I had read about this online that this seems to be a common problem, so she had me spend another 30 minutes resetting just to make sure.  Still freaking blank.

So today I’m sending the Versa back and they are going to send me a new one.


Except reliable trackers, apparently.

This morning was the day we chose to release Squeakers the Mohawk, the bluejay I rescued.  We brought his cage outside in front of the lanai and carefully opened the door.  He flew all the way around the yard and then came back by us and landed squarely on my head.

So we took him out further, to the oak tree by the water.  He flew up to the tree, perched on a low branch and then took off and flew all around the tree.  And then right back to the top of my head.

After repeating this process 11 times it finally occurred to us that Squeakers the Mohawk is perfectly happy right where he is.  He’s been on the lanai all morning long with the door wide open but so far, he hasn’t ventured outside.  I guess we’ll try again tomorrow.

I wish I had something I could track him with for the day that he actually does fly away but I guess I should find one that works for me first.

What fitness tracker or trackers do you use?

What do you love and or hate about your fitness tracker?

3 thoughts on “There’s no place like home, which in this case is my head.

  1. I just use my Garmin 250. It’s ok. I think I preferred my TomTom. It was easier to change through the options

    I think it’s you causing the batteries to die 🙂 and I’m not being mean. I kill hotel room keys.

    Wait, Squeakers and Sneakers? haha Are you going to name all the rescues similar like the Duggars do? I think it would be awesome!

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