I’m back.

I guess I’ve been MIA for a while, huh?  Well, it wasn’t really intentional, it’s just that we’ve had a shit ton of stuff going on around here and quite honestly, I wasn’t all that motivated to write about it.  I’m back now so let’s catch up.


First and foremost, how freakin long are the World Cup Games?  I mean, jeez Louise, it’s been weeks since I’ve seen Kelly and Ryan and I’m starting to wonder if soccer is a permanent part of the Fox Network now.  No offense for those of you who love soccer, it’s just a bit much for me.

And also, has anyone else noticed the similarities here?

I’m just sayin.  Is it just me or do you see it?

I haven’t been running since Friday so obviously I’ve had a lot of time on my hands.

MacGyver is buying all the bells and whistles for the new boat.  He’s purchased new drink holders, and hatch covers, and rod holders and such but most importantly, he bought this:

Hank in his life vest

Hank has already roamed around the boat a bit while it sat in the yard.  Boomer hasn’t been in it yet.  I’m so excited to take them out in the new one because now Boomer has a place to lay down when he gets too hot or tired.

I might even put their favorite rug in there.


Seriously, how cute are they?

It’s been raining a lot here.  The good news is my flowers are growing like weeds and the mallards have become permanent fixtures so were happy with that.

My mother in law is doing a bit better.  She just had round two of the chemo treatments and is handling them very well.  She hasn’t thrown up at all which is wonderful news.  The treatments have been hard on her stomach though and after the first treatment she developed an ulcer which bled a lot and landed her in the hospital again.  We have to watch carefully to make sure that doesn’t happen again but, other than that, the side effects haven’t been too bad.

And as I mentioned, I haven’t really been running all that much.  The reason is because last week I started feeling short of breath again.  I didn’t really mention it to MacGyver at first but then I told him and my mom about it.  I’m a bit worried because of the pulmonary nodules that they found last year.  I had attributed it to the topamax since I had issues with breathing once I started taking it and I thought because I went off of it, the breathing issues would go away.

They came back and also when I was weeding the yard last week I got dizzy when I stood up and felt like I would pass out.  This and the breathing have me worried.  Unfortunately I can’t get into see the pulmonologist until August 3rd so I won’t know anything until then.  And until that time, I’m gonna,

Dr. Google

It’s a really short week with the fourth being on a Wednesday so MacGyver and I are heading to Nokomis for a little break and Lord knows,  I need it.

What have you been up to lately?

4 thoughts on “I’m back.

  1. your dogs are TOO cute!
    I’m in Europe and “we” are generally football (soccer) fans. So I am LOVING the world cup right now 😀 Even though my team didn’t even make it to the world cup… never mind, we are cheering for our just south-of-us neighbours, Belgium. Though not sure they will beat Brazil tonight. we shall see.

    bummer about the breathing problems again. agree you should not rely on Dr Google and in fact don’t consult him at all in these cases. If Dr Google were correct I’d be dead by now. Just saying.

    We’ve been doing some home improvement here. painting, clearing stuff out, reclaiming our space that was once used by children. Now the Girl is 20 and lives in her own (student) place and the Boy is 17 and comes here when he wants (he’s my stepson) so we finally got a pull out couch and got rid of his kid bunk bed (that was way too small for him anyway, seeing he’s approx 6’6”). Happy to get it done but it’s time consuming and causes muscles you didn’t know existed to hurt for days.

    • LOL, I understand completely. My husband gets so irritated with me because I absolutely LOVE home improvement projects and I get very bored with our spaces and change them up all the time. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

  2. I hope your MIL continues to do well. And that you figure out what’s up with your breathing issues *fingers crossed *

    After work in the morning I’m going to do my first 5k here. I still have back issues and out if shape but I thought it’d be fun. I’ve packed my clothes to take tonight and they’re by the door so I shouldnt forget them! Then I’ll walk to the lake in the evening for the 4th festivities.

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