A little shopping, fishing, a popeye arm and Sneakers.

Good Morning.  I wanted to use an exclamation point to really make that statement loud but I’m working from my Dell and the number keys on the top bar don’t work so basically, no exclamation point.  Hell I can’t even use the at sign so when I enter an email address, I have to cut and paste one.  I live for challenges.

Anywho, we’re back in Clearwater.

Hank in a bag

I’m just making sure you don’t forget me mommy.

We would never forget you Hank, not ever.

Over the weekend we did some work on the house.  MacGyver and Danny ran new electric and water down to the dock so now we can clean the fish without having to pull a hose all the way down and MacGyver can hook up some dock lights.

After all the work on the house MacGyver took Danny fishing and I went to some garage sales.  I also might have spent a shit ton of money at WalMart but good Lord did they have an awesome sale on their patio furniture.

I go this tea cart at a garage sale for 5 bucks.

tea cart

I didn’t have any wine bottles to put on it but I did buy some root beer for those occasional root beer floats that MacGyver and I love.

I also went got all new patio cushions and the best new patio table at WalMart’s patio sale.

The day was not without incident though.

As I was placing all of the cushions on the chairs a wasp flew out from under the bench by the fire pit.  I ducked out of the way as quickly as I could but the son of a bitch still managed to nail me on my wrist.  Fortunately I’m not allergic to wasps, only bees.  Unfortunately I still have bad reactions.

My skin swelled up so fast it broke the blood vessels under the skin.

It was so itchy and painful and it looked just like….


Let’s hope it goes down soon.

MacGyver didn’t want me to work in the yard or even do much housework on Sunday because he didn’t want me to use my arm so we went fishing instead.

Danny and Alma caught lots of fish.

Danny and Alma

And MacGyver and I caught a few too.

Summer is the best because we have all the fish we could ever hope to eat and I am so thankful for that.

And I have one last thing to tell you about.  Over the weekend we had a visitor in our garage.  He got in shortly after we arrived and was there for days.  No matter what we did he wouldn’t leave so eventually I started leaving food out for him.  I didn’t want him to die.

I guess he was very grateful for the food because now, we have a new member of the zoo.


Meet Sneakers

Sneakers is out baby rabbit.

Do you have any idea what it’s like to travel back and forth with two dogs, two birds and a rabbit?  It’s definitely interesting.

What did you do this weekend?

7 thoughts on “A little shopping, fishing, a popeye arm and Sneakers.

  1. I’m doing 37-43 miles (60-70 km) at the moment. I’m actually running with a friend, she is doing a 100 mile race the end of July and just have to keep going after the Comrades marathon. It is winter in South Africa and it is cold and dark at 5 in the morning, so I just runs with her to keep her company.

  2. Oh your poor Popeye arm!

    Too funny, I was just thinking (but not really) about getting a pet rabbit.

    I love your tea cart. I have no need for one since I never have guests but I bet if I saw that for $5 I would have picked it up lol

  3. Years ago a wasp got me on the wrist also and it took months for my wrist to be a 100 again. The swelling went down, but it was painfull for months. I could not even lift a empty tray. I LOVE your new member of the family. Ps. Comrades was great, I had a great run, recovered like a champ and I’m back on the road. Good luck with your wrist!!

    • WOW, months? That’s sounds so frustrating. My swelling is going down a bit every day but it swelled so fast the little blood vessels in my skin broke and that will probably take weeks to heal. In the meantime I look like a victim of some gnarly accident. lol Glad to hear the race was great and your recovery was well. How many miles a week are you back up to?

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