WTF Wednesday, National Running Day, we’ll take your mini horse but not the goat.

Hello and Happy Global Running Day!

Global running day

Done.  I ran 3 miles this morning.  When I wrote out my running plan on Sunday I forgot that Wednesday was Global Running Day and I had scheduled it as an off day.  But then I remembered on Tuesday and so I ran 3 miles this morning.  It was the perfect distance for today as it was pretty humid out and already hot at 6:15AM but I love running on this day.  I challenge you to do the same and then come back and tell me about it.

It doesn’t matter how far you go or even if you’ve ever run before, just run and then tell me about it.  I have a feeling you might love it 😉

Yesterday we lost a fashion icon, Kate Spade was found dead due to an apparent suicide.  My heart breaks for her family and mostly for her young daughter.  The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255.  If you or someone you know needs help, please call the lifeline.  They will listen without judgement and are here to help.  Suicide is never the answer.

Your mental health is extremely important and that’s why animals are great for emotional support.  However, if you plan on flying anytime soon, make sure you check out the new guidelines.  JetBlue is the latest airline to announce only certain animals will be allowed aboard their aircraft and you must have 3 documents signed in order to bring them.  The animals allowed are dogs, cats and mini horses.  If your support animal is a goat or a hedgehog, they can no longer fly with you.

This makes me wonder, do any of you have a mini horse as emotional support?  Or a goat?  Or a hedgehog?  I really just never thought of those as therapy animals but then again, I love all animals so I’m thinking there are many different animals could help… to a certain extent.  Except spiders.  Lord no, that would not be a good idea for me.

Did you run today?

7 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, National Running Day, we’ll take your mini horse but not the goat.

  1. All animals are great for therapy. It’s people that usually cause stress. lol. Depression is such a horrible thing. You get so lost in your own head that you can’t see any other way out. I feel for them.

  2. Since you let me know it was global running day, I did go out and do a slow two mile run (I think I need to update my music)!

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