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We love going fishing.  period.  It’s one of our favorite past times.  MacGyver is so good at fishing that he should be a captain and I’m not even kidding you.  He’s very patient and always willing to teach you what you need to do in order to catch certain fish and most importantly, he knows where to catch them.

The only issue that I have when we go fishing is that MacGyver can stay out there for days.  Even in a rain storm or ridiculously hot weather or after dark when you’re all tired because you’ve been out all day.  If the fish are biting, he ain’t leaving.

We don’t have to worry about that anymore.

cuddy cabin walk around boat

We got another boat.

This one has a cabin underneath and an actual toilet, which means I no longer have to use a bucket when I have to pee and we’re offshore.  Too much info?  Any how, I’m excited.  And also, I’ve convinced MacGyver that we don’t need 3 john boats now that we have two big boats so he’s going to sell two of them and I get half the yard back so, bonus.

Did you see the story about the homeless guy who found a lost race bib during the London Marathon and then he put it on and finished and grabbed a medal?  Well, he was just sentenced to jail for his crime.  Seriously.  You have to read the story.  You can click on the image to read the article in full.

CheatAlso yesterday I heard another story about a runner who was almost abducted.  Fortunately, she did everything right and she was able to get away and the entire thing was actually caught on video.

That is so scary.  I mean, this was in broad daylight!  What amazes me the most is how she managed to actually pull out her phone and snap a picture of his license plate as he sped away, which eventually led to his arrest.  If you can watch the entire video please do so.  The commentators make good points about staying safe when you’re out running as well.

That’s it for me.  Work is calling.

What steps do you take to make sure your safe when running alone?

4 thoughts on “Some things for Thursday

  1. congrats on your new boat! sounds like a real upgrade 😉

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t worry about stuff like getting abducted or attacked whilst running. It doesn’t happen here (I’m in the Netherlands), at least I’ve never heard one story about someone being attacked (except by a dog). So I don’t do a lot to protect myself. I mean, I let my husband know where I’m running and make sure he knows what I’m wearing and I have my phone with me. Mace is totally illegal and pretty much there are no guns here at all (in civilians’ hands) so there is that. Worst thing that happens to me whilst running is getting name called or wolf whistled by d*ckheads in dumb cars.

    Oh and Karen asked how one loses a bib – it CAN happen if you don’t have it secured well or it’s windy/ bad weather. I’ve seen bibs on the ground during races. I don’t recall all the details of the story but I thought the guy found it during the race and went with it.

    • Yes, he found it during the race and I’ve seen them on the ground as well. I almost lost mine once too during a costume race because I pinned it kind of janky and only one pin held up.

      The Netherlands sounds like heaven. It’s on my bucket list of places I need to visit once my husband stops buying boats. lol

  2. First glad she ended up safe!

    The sunscreen comment is kinda funny. Idk if when I wear it, I’m slippery. But I think I’m probably sweaty enough to be slippery.

    How do you lose a bib? I’m guessing he lost it prior to pinning it on.

    • Nope, he lost it during the race, I think while taking his shirt off. The London marathon was super hot this year. I’m pretty sweaty slippery myself. Actually I wear tons of sunscreen and I sweat it all off, lol

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