Some days I miss pencils, paper and erasers

The last time that MacGyver and I were in Nokomis the desktop computer was in the middle of a windows update just as a big bolt of lightning struck and knocked the power out briefly.

blue screen

I restarted it and tried some other things but for two solid hours it was stuck in a loop and just kept returning to the above message, which I now loathe for obvious reasons.

I didn’t have anymore time to try and repair it so we left and I figured I’d deal with it the next time we went down.

Last week as windows was updating on my laptop, boom, same damn screen and then the looping began.

are you kidding me

At first I  read that this was a rare problem but the more I dug I realized it wasn’t so rare at all and I live in the lightning capitol of the World so obviously, there’s no way to prevent power surges from happening whenever mother nature wants them to.  The only thing I can do is pick the time to update windows, so I’m doing that.

Oh, and I had to pay a tech guy to pull off my data from the hard drive and put it on my dell so that I could continue to work but I completely forgot that half the number keys and symbols do not work on my dell laptop so that’s been fun.

fingers for typing

And then yesterday I was working hard on a project that has a hard deadline this week.  I needed to ask the client a question so I picked up my iPhone to call.  DEAD.  I tried everything but it wouldn’t power up.  After a half hour I put it on the charger and went to do something else and then an hour later I did a hard reset and it worked but the battery seems to be draining very fast which is odd because it’s fairly new.  Or maybe it’s not odd and technology is trying to tell me something.

Some days I hate computers, and phones, and work, like on Wednesdays, and maybe all the other days too.  I just want to be like,

fuck computers

WTF it’s Wednesday.  Technology is great until it’s broken and then everything sucks.

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