I am faster than the speed of something slower.

I guess I kind of disappeared for a while huh?  Well I didn’t really disappear, I mean, I’m still here but things have been a bit hectic and I really haven’t had a moment to spare.  And let’s be honest, sometimes life is more important than a blog.  And so that’s what happened.  Life.

Crazy busy

A lot of things have been going on over here but I just wanted to take a few minutes to catch up and get this blog back to some regular updates.  I’m pretty sure y’all aren’t dying to know whats going on with me but I need a reference when I need to remember things.  And yes, that happens often.

First thing, I told y’all a few weeks ago that my mother in law had gone to the emergency room.  What we thought was a serious but easily corrected issue was actually much worse and I don’t want to talk too much about it right now because it is such a serious matter that it deserves it’s own post but we’ve been rallying around her with much love and many prayers and we feel confident that she is getting the best care around.  If there is a silver lining in any of this, it’s the fact that she’ll actually be here  year round this year and that means, we get to spend lots of time with her.

I’m still running but it’s summer and it’s ridiculously hot this year already.  It seems like it gets worse every year but it probably doesn’t, it’s probably just me.  Although the feels like temp with our humidity at 9AM is 91 degrees.  The only thing that gets me motivated in that heat is new running clothes.  These are two of the shirts that I’m considering right now.

Running Shirts

I think I need both of those shirts.

My sister in law was here a week ago and we went shopping one afternoon and I saw these sandals.

watermelon shoes

I did not buy them but I have to tell you, they smelled exactly like watermelon.  I kid you not.

Squeakers the Mohawk, the bluejay I rescued, is getting huge.  He is also lazy and does not want to eat on his own so I have to be a hard ass and drop his food in and walk away.  I hate it but if I don’t do that, he’ll never learn to eat on his own and won’t survive in the wild.  It’s also very hard but you have to refrain from touching him and playing with him.

I might have forgotten to send MacGyver the memo.

blue jay

The dogs also love the bird because like me, they are weird.

MacGyver and I were in Nokomis this weekend and we were able to hit a few garage sales over the weekend.  While we were shopping at one, this guy pulled up on a bike with tin foil and all kinds of weird things but when I saw the head, I got a little freaked out.

weirdo bike

And then I remembered that I’ve seen this guy and his bike a few times before.  And just as I wrote that I’m almost embarrassed by it because apparently we travel in the same circle.

I was running the trail on Saturday and afterwards I got a text from a friend saying he just saw me running.  It was our little friend Danny, who is in town from California for a few months.


Only he’s not so little anymore.  He grew up and he has the sweetest girlfriend.  They came over for a bit on Saturday night and then Danny and MacGyver went fishing for a bit on Sunday.  They came back with 11 fish and MacGyver is so happy to have his fishing buddy back for a few months.  And so am I because when they fish, I can shop. Wink wink.

We got Hank some new doggles so his eyes wont bother him on the boat.  Boomer doesn’t mind wearing a fishing hat but it’s hard to find one for Hank.  Fortunately, the doggles fit perfectly and he loves them.

Hank's doggles

I could really go on all day because there’s been so much happening but I can’t.  On top of all the things we have going on right now on Wednesday, my computer crashed.  Hard.  No matter what I did it would not come back.

I didn’t want to give up because I can almost always fix my computer but after 14 hours of trying all kinds of things I had to take it to a specialist who, surprise, couldn’t fix it either.  Instead, we rescued all the data from the hard drive and put it on my other laptop and then wiped the computer and reinstalled Windows.  Now it works but the neurotic and paranoid side of me doesn’t ever want to use it again.

hate work

The most accurate statement, ever.

How was your weekend?

Mondays, should you work or stay home with the dogs?

10 thoughts on “I am faster than the speed of something slower.

  1. I celebrated my birthday this weekend. Celebrated is a bit hyperbolic ha.

    I went to Bealls Outlet for the first time and thought of you! 🙂 I think the last time I went they were just Bealls? I bet it’s been 20 years.

    Best wishes to your MIL!

  2. I would love to stay home with my dog today! It was a rainy and gloomy morning and of course my dog looked super cute curled up in a ball in her bed. I love the little goggles for your pup! That’s so smart of you to get them. Best wishes for your mother in law. Hopefully she’s on the road to recovery!

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