Puke fest, 2018

Y’all will have to forgive me.  I had a post planned for this morning and I’ve been really, really good about my schedule lately, but you know what they say about the best laid plans.

We woke up this morning and Hank was itching and it dawned on me that it was probably time for that magical monthly pill that I give them to keep the nasty fleas and ticks away.  So I went to the fridge to retrieve them only to realize that we paid for 6 for each of the dogs and they only gave us 3.  And that was 3 months ago. So the packets were empty.

There was no use in trying to get my money back or get the rest of the pills and besides we got them from the traveling vet so I can kiss that money goodbye.  Lesson learned and next time I’ll double check.  For now, the only solution was to call my vet and ask her to write a new prescription and go pick them up.

Only they don’t carry the brand my dogs have been taking.  At first I got really stressed until I realized that the pill they do carry last  90 glorious days.  Ninety.  That’s all summer long.  It’s like a gift from the Gods.

So I had to adjust my schedule and run to the vets office to pick up the pills.  Then I headed home and fed the dogs because they have to take them on a full stomach.  And you know what happened next right?  I mean, I should know because it happens anytime they start a new flea medicine, it’s one big dog puke party.

And keep in mind, I only have one pill for each dog.  One very expensive pill.  You bet your sweet ass I dug through the dog puke and gave it back to them.  Really what other choice did I have?    And it’s not like I haven’t done it before.  Although it never gets any easier.

dog puke

So, I didn’t have a chance to work on that post that I had planned for you because I’m over here losing my damn mind.

Let’s get the weekend started already.  Right?

Some things for Thursday

We love going fishing.  period.  It’s one of our favorite past times.  MacGyver is so good at fishing that he should be a captain and I’m not even kidding you.  He’s very patient and always willing to teach you what you need to do in order to catch certain fish and most importantly, he knows where to catch them.

The only issue that I have when we go fishing is that MacGyver can stay out there for days.  Even in a rain storm or ridiculously hot weather or after dark when you’re all tired because you’ve been out all day.  If the fish are biting, he ain’t leaving.

We don’t have to worry about that anymore.

cuddy cabin walk around boat

We got another boat.

This one has a cabin underneath and an actual toilet, which means I no longer have to use a bucket when I have to pee and we’re offshore.  Too much info?  Any how, I’m excited.  And also, I’ve convinced MacGyver that we don’t need 3 john boats now that we have two big boats so he’s going to sell two of them and I get half the yard back so, bonus.

Did you see the story about the homeless guy who found a lost race bib during the London Marathon and then he put it on and finished and grabbed a medal?  Well, he was just sentenced to jail for his crime.  Seriously.  You have to read the story.  You can click on the image to read the article in full.

CheatAlso yesterday I heard another story about a runner who was almost abducted.  Fortunately, she did everything right and she was able to get away and the entire thing was actually caught on video.

That is so scary.  I mean, this was in broad daylight!  What amazes me the most is how she managed to actually pull out her phone and snap a picture of his license plate as he sped away, which eventually led to his arrest.  If you can watch the entire video please do so.  The commentators make good points about staying safe when you’re out running as well.

That’s it for me.  Work is calling.

What steps do you take to make sure your safe when running alone?

Some days I miss pencils, paper and erasers

The last time that MacGyver and I were in Nokomis the desktop computer was in the middle of a windows update just as a big bolt of lightning struck and knocked the power out briefly.

blue screen

I restarted it and tried some other things but for two solid hours it was stuck in a loop and just kept returning to the above message, which I now loathe for obvious reasons.

I didn’t have anymore time to try and repair it so we left and I figured I’d deal with it the next time we went down.

Last week as windows was updating on my laptop, boom, same damn screen and then the looping began.

are you kidding me

At first I  read that this was a rare problem but the more I dug I realized it wasn’t so rare at all and I live in the lightning capitol of the World so obviously, there’s no way to prevent power surges from happening whenever mother nature wants them to.  The only thing I can do is pick the time to update windows, so I’m doing that.

Oh, and I had to pay a tech guy to pull off my data from the hard drive and put it on my dell so that I could continue to work but I completely forgot that half the number keys and symbols do not work on my dell laptop so that’s been fun.

fingers for typing

And then yesterday I was working hard on a project that has a hard deadline this week.  I needed to ask the client a question so I picked up my iPhone to call.  DEAD.  I tried everything but it wouldn’t power up.  After a half hour I put it on the charger and went to do something else and then an hour later I did a hard reset and it worked but the battery seems to be draining very fast which is odd because it’s fairly new.  Or maybe it’s not odd and technology is trying to tell me something.

Some days I hate computers, and phones, and work, like on Wednesdays, and maybe all the other days too.  I just want to be like,

fuck computers

WTF it’s Wednesday.  Technology is great until it’s broken and then everything sucks.