WTF Wednesday, Yoga not Doga

So, this time around I’m getting serious.  No, really.   I’m on a new diet which I’ll share with you guys at another time.  It’s supposed to be geared toward people with autoimmune issues so we’ll see how it works.  The most important thing is that I have to break my sugar habit.

addicted to sugar

As for running, I’m taking some time off but instead of sitting around or doing some half assed strength training, I’m going all out with strength and yoga.  I started yoga this morning.  I love using youtube for my yoga classes because there are tons of videos which cater to runners and I can pick from a huge variety.  And if I don’t like one, I skip to the next.  Easy peasy….except it wasn’t

Apparently, my dogs, who could care less about what I do for 8 hours straight after their morning walk, care very much about yoga.  I know this because exactly 30 seconds into my first pose they were both on top of me.

It is very hard to get into lizard pose when you have one dog licking your face and another standing on your back.  I might have to rethink this whole yoga at home thing.

At least I’m not alone.  You really have to make it to the 2:20 mark, you’ll thank me.

Do you workout at home?
Do your pets try to work out with you (and by work out I mean lick your face like you just ate a steak?)

4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, Yoga not Doga

  1. I hope it was Boomer licling your face and Hank o your back 😉

    I think I might get a personal trainer for a bit then maybe work out at home once I’m settled in.

    The cat on the back during yoga was great.

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