WTF Wednesday, Robin needs a parrot

I was getting dressed to go for a run today and as I put my Adidas tank over my New Balance bra the thought occurred to me that maybe New Balance and Adidas might not like that.

I mean, I’m brand loyal but I wear what works for me when I run and that can be anything from an Adidas tank and Nike shorts over a Brooks bra or whatever.  I love Under Armour socks and I wear them under my Mizuno’s and my Brook’s shoes, but are they happy about it?

Do you think maybe my New Balance sports bra said to the Adidas tank, ‘you’re touching me’.  And then the Adidas tank said to the sports bra, ‘no, you’re touching me.’

stop touching me


Maybe that’s what happens when I have a bad run, my clothes are fighting.

Do you think Nike would be pissed if they saw me running down the street in their shorts and an Adidas tank?  Would Under Armour care if they knew I covered up their socks with MIzuno Wave Rider 21’s?  It’s enough to drive a person crazy….

Did y’all see the photo the nature photographer, Doc Jon took in Madeira Beach?  He took a photo of an osprey and later when he zoomed in, he realized the osprey had a shark and the shark had a fish.  It’s amazing.

osprey shark fish

A few weeks ago sister in law texted me a photo of a letter my niece had written to her and her husband.  I shared it on instagram and meant to post it here but forgot.  Here is the letter in it’s entirety.

For the record, she’s eight years old and she deserves all the parrots in the world because that letter is everything.

WTF, it’s Wednesday!

6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, Robin needs a parrot

  1. Anyone who can get help from an “Aunt Flower” deserves a parrot and more….where did that nickname come from or is it Aunties real name??

  2. Robin’s mom here. My feed disappeared for a while and today of all days it returned to my inbox with this fabulous post!

    Robin would make a great parrot mom; I, however, don’t think I have that kind of bandwidth to absorb yet another responsibility. How do parrots do on long car rides?

    • I’m not sure how they would do on long car rides but I’ve heard African Greys do well on long trips? 😉 Our awesome mother in law saw the letter and cracked up. She suggested a go fund me page for Robin and her parrot quest. LOL

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