Thursday, some things

Remember when I used to have a blog and wrote things on it like, a lot?  Yeah, I forgot too.


The truth is that I’m still working on this year long project and it’s so time consuming I barely have a moment to spare.  Oh, and also it has been raining for like a year, (actually 4 or 5 days) and the grass and weeds are taking over.  So yesterday we got a break in the rain and I spent the better part of the day weeding the mulch beds and trimming the massive overgrowth that is my lawn.


Remember how I told you that MacGyver and I had been on the Keto Diet but we switched back to our regular Paleo diet?  Well, for some reason MacGyver has managed to stay in Ketosis even with eating a few more carbs and he has lost a whopping 9 pound WITHOUT working out.  I however, am working out an hour to an hour and a half every day, eating less than 1,500 calories a day with a carb count under 75 and somehow I managed to gain 2 pounds in the last 2 days!

This is an accurate representation of me this morning:

I cannot believe this shit

Here’s the plan.  There is no plan.  I’m gonna eat when I’m hungry, continue to work out and fuck it.

Did you see the news reports of the 30 year old who was evicted from his parents home?  This story was so great I wanted to posted it yesterday for WTF Wednesday but I didn’t have a chance.  So today, I am giving you the most awkward interview ever.  Oh, and also, this man will never in his life go on another date.

How is your week going?  Hopefully better than that guy!

4 thoughts on “Thursday, some things

  1. Over exercising and under eating are a bad combination. Your body is going to try to hang onto every pound of fat due to lack of calories and it views the hard workouts (and your yard work) as a stressor so cortisol levels increase. This leads to inflammation, muscle loss and fat gain. Eat more of the low carb foods and try for 2 days a week to just do 30-45 mi of exercise.

  2. That was totally me this morning also! I got on and off the scale 3 times and then decided they were just WRONG!! LOL! Men!! Weight loss seems SO easy for them, compared to us women! It’s just not fair!!

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