My motiv ring is no longer motivating

I expect my technology to go wonky over time but let’s get real, by over time, I mean a long time, like at least a year or longer.  I love Garmin and I’ve owned 3 Garmin watches, two of which I still have.  I use them a lot so when after a year or a year and a half when they don’t stay charged as long or they occasionally don’t track a run, I get it.

I can say the same about fitbits.  I owned two fitbit HR’s and I loved them.  I wore them every day and they tracked my workouts fine but after a year or so the bands became torn and they would occasionally stop tracking and lose battery life quickly.  Both Garmin and fitbit are great with warranties and returns so I never had a problem.

Since October of last year I’ve been using the Motiv ring.  At 199 dollars I expected big things.  Overall I’ve been fairly happy with the ring and the company has continued to improve the app to include additional features and enhancements.  The only problem I had up until recently was the battery life.  My ring stopped holding a charge for longer than a day after only 5 months.

The great thing that I can say about Motiv is they handle their customer service issues and they did send me another ring about a week or so after I sent mine back.  The problem is, it still doesn’t hold a charge.  I mean, it holds a charge for around 2 days now but that’s all.  I was prepared to live with that until recently when it didn’t track my run and then once more it happened and I realized that it only happened when I didn’t sync it before going out to run.

Lastly, I have to twist it to sync it and lately it takes a really long time before it syncs and I find that extremely annoying.  I realize I may just have a defective ring and so I’ve contacted support again.  I’m mentioning it here because I believe in being 100% honest in my reviews.  I searched online to see if anyone else was having similar issues and I really didn’t find much so I’m hoping it’s just me but I am having issues.

And that brings me to another point.  I miss the fitbit community.  I also love the Garmin connect community but it’s nice to have that connection with other fitbit users.  I was so disappointed when my sister in law sent me a request to join her fitbit community after she got a new fitbit for Christmas and then I realized, I wasn’t using mine anymore.  I also miss having the time on my wrist at all times and not having to look at my phone.

I also have an apple watch that the kid gifted me last year when he got a new one and I do like it too but it’s a bit heavy to run with and I’m constantly worried that it will get damaged.  Apple watches are hella expensive so I usually only wear it for the ability to use it instead of my phone in certain situations.  And because it’s cool.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up completely on the Motiv ring but I am thinking of entertaining a new device.  It’s one thing to have a single issue with something but repeated issues or multiple ones are not okay.  And I really don’t like having to twist to sync it.  I was okay with it in the beginning but sometimes it takes a while to connect and I’m super impatient so that’s probably just my issue.

I have contacted the Motiv support department again and we’ll see what they have to say but since I haven’t seen anything about it online, I’m curious if anyone else has had any issues or if it’s just me.

What do use as a fitness tracker?

How long have you been using it?

Have you tried others?

Are you happy with what you’re using currently?

27 thoughts on “My motiv ring is no longer motivating

  1. I’ve owned mine only 6 weeks and they are replacing it. because it won’t sync, nor hold a charge longer than 24 hours, and the rose gold finish has already worn off. After reading all the other issues on here. I am tempted to just have them refund my money in lieu of replacing with another ring that is only going to experience the same issues.

  2. I had the same issue. After 4-6 months, my Motiv ring would not hold a charge. It also would not sync.

    Customer service has been good so far…they sent me a new ring (arrived today)…I am hopeful, yet skeptical.

    I really want this technology to work, but is it truly there yet?

  3. It is what it is…I got my money back, minus shipping.
    it just sucks, because I can’t wear things on my wrist… And I don’t feel like the other wearable trackers, such as Leaf, actually make enough contact with your skin to get the information they require…

    • I did see another ring that was available but I can’t remember where and what exactly it tracked but if I hear of anything promising, I will definitely buy and try it and let you know.

  4. I got my Motiv ring for Valentines Day, hmmmm 6 months later, now it hasn’t SYNCED for over a week and I’ve charged it, turned it, whatever, it’s just not working! It lights up, so I know it’s charged. I’ve tried searching Troubleshooting page and FAQ, no luck.

    • I had to return mine. It wasn’t tracking ANYTHING. I did reach out to Customer Service and they sent me a link to an unreleased app update – but it still didn’t do anything; wasn’t even tracking my steps! and it was fully charged!! 🙁 I am super sad about it…

      • Did they replace the ring for you? They replaced mine twice and the third one is working, it just doesn’t hold the charge as long as it should. The company does seem to be extremely responsive and motivated to produce a good product so hopefully, they’ll send you a new one.

    • Did you call Customer service? I think they really want to make sure people are happy with the ring and are constantly trying to improve. I am still working with mine but it doesn’t hold a charge nearly as long as it should.

  5. Purchased in October 2017 . . . died July 5, 2018 –DEAD– and no response from Customer Service. Have resorted to my Fitbit . . . and may even go and buy an Apple Watch where customer service is predictable.

    • That sucks. I haven’t had a lot of luck with charges longer than two days but I’m working with them, we’ll see. I did get a fitbit versa in May and just today the damn screen went black….I have a first gen apple watch but I am such a sweaty runner I’m afraid to wear it, LOL

  6. I’m having the same issues you are with the Motiv ring. It has been slow the past week or so in syncing an activity, and then stopped all together tracking anything (sleep, activity, and heart rate) about a day ago. I have contacted the company, but haven’t heard anything yet, but I expect to soon. I had the same charging issues, and was sent a new ring. I really like the ring, and want to stick with the company to see if they can make the improvements.

    • Let me know how it works out. Their customer service really is awesome so I’m hoping the issues are just temporary and the ring will work again as it used to. I absolutely loved it in the beginning and still do when it works the right way. My third one is tracking and holding a charge but not as it did when I got the first one so I’m still confused by it….but I’m still testing so, we’ll see.

    • I have also recently had issues syncing my motiv ring, the sycing circle just keeps spinning around and around. I also can’t click on my profile without the app crashing. I did contact them and they did send me a new ring. They did tell me that they have discovered a bug within the app and that they are working on a fix, just don’t know when that fix will come. The funny thing is that currently my husband’s ring is still recording activity and syncing. He can also open his profile without crashing the app. He’s a computer software engineer and he thinks that something corrupted my profile when I was being inpatient and killing the app when it would take “too long” to sync my data (yep, guilty as charged). Maybe that’s it maybe it’s not but it can’t be a widespread issue with the app because if it was then he wouldn’t be able to sync/see his data either.

      As far as the battery life I think that’s just they way it is with this device. Both my husband and myself have to put our rings on the chargers every 2-3 days. So for now the new ring sits in it’s new case until I see an update come through for the app. It’s frustrating but I don’t like wearing bulky trackers on my wrist especially when I’m doing my cross fit routines.

  7. Oh I really do hope this is not a recurrent theme. I despise things on my wrist, so I have been impatiently waiting til the Motiv came out with the android app (and I had the extra money) Has anyone else had issues? What was the outcome of your latest outreach to customer service??

  8. I have a Garmin. 250 I think. It can be slow to lock on GPS. I think I preferred my TomTom (that I gave away bc it experience a deep discharge and I didn’t figure that out until I got the Garmin).

  9. I use a fitbit charge 2 and really like it for all the data tracking. I like being able to see so much of the info right on the watch, and I like being able to read text messages on my watch so I don’t have to check my phone when otherwise occupied (cooking, etc). I also like using the app to track my sleep and weight. (I track my weight closely because I can see definite patterns related to how well my thyroid is working.) I’ve had it for about 1 1/2 years and so far the battery is working fine, knock wood. I haven’t had a problem with the strap, but my husband has replaced his twice in the last 1 1/2 years. I’m not sure what he does to them, because all he does is sit at the computer all day, haha. Replacements are relatively inexpensive on Amazon though.

    I always switch to my garmin for running. I don’t know what model it is, it’s at least five years old. I like the data it collects specific to running (I’m a data junkie, too) and I like having my runs mapped out. Sadly, I had foot surgery in October and my return to running has not been successful. This is going to be the summer of biking and hiking. Which is not a bad thing. I’m telling myself. 🙂

    • I always put on my Garmin too, isn’t that funny. I’m sorry to hear about your foot surgery and hope you’re able to get back to running soon! Sending healing vibes your way 🙂

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