Tuesday tantrums, I mean tangents.

I left to go running this morning and it was already 76 degrees with a dew point in the mid 70’s.  So basically, for 32 minutes or 3 miles I lived the dream.

The dream of breathing underwater.




We are expecting some thunderstorms and  showers early this afternoon but you wouldn’t know it by looking outside because right now, it’s beautiful.  The sun is shining and the birds are chirping and if the guys are having any luck, the fish are biting.

MacGyver and his brother in law went fishing yesterday and I took my mother in law and my sister in law shopping.  We had a blast.  We ate lunch in downtown Venice and I introduced my sister in law to the Face App Hollywood filter.  Now, keep in mind, both of these ladies are beautiful anyway but we had a good time with the filter.

Here they are at lunch.

Mom and Lynn

My Mother in law and my Sister in law.

And here I am as a mermaid.


The hollywood filter works so well that when I used it on Hank, this happened…

long haired random dachshund

I’m kidding, obviously, I mean can you imagine if a filter could suddenly turn your dog into a well-behaved one?  It’ll never happen.  It might be able to give them long hair though so there’s that.

While we were out shopping at the gift stores in downtown Venice I saw the most awesome mermaid pillow ever.  I didn’t realize that Marie Osmond had a home collection but hey, everyone else does so why not?  Anywho, if someone knows where I can get this pillow for less than 99 bucks, hit me up.

Mermaid pillow

AWESOME…but not 99 dollars kind of awesome.

I have to work today so I better get to it.

What’s one app you CANNOT live without?  Mine is Runkeeper

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