Tuesday tangents and such

There’s a palm tree very close to my house that has been damaged due to the storms this year.  There are two large holes, one in each side of the tree, and on one side a family of red bellied woodpeckers were living and on the other side, (much to my delight), a family of northern flickers.  There were so many baby birds.


“You mean there’s more like me?”

I was so happy to see them but especially the flickers because obviously I’m very fond of the flickers.  Yesterday I went down to the palm tree with the dogs to see the baby birds.  They were all gone.  So I sent MacGyver down with a ladder to assess the situation.

The news was so sad.  All the babies were gone.  MacGyver said they were most likely eaten by the starlings that were circling overhead.


In case you haven’t heard, no one finished the Barkley Marathons this year.  I watched a report on the race mostly because I love Gary Cantrell and you just never know what he’ll say.  He never disappoints.  This year he gave the interview in his geezer hat.  If you don’t know much about Gary Cantrell or Lazarus Lake as he’s also known, here’s a great article about the man and the challenging races he organizes.

And here’s the report about the Barkley Marathon’s this year.

For those of you who have asked about little Hank, he wanted me to let you know that he’s feeling 99% better. He and MacGyver has also started a club since the vet recommend we neuter him.  It’s called the ‘save Hank’s nuts club’ if you’re interested in joining.


‘Join the club and help save my nuts!’

Remember when I told y’all that I had trigger thumb?  Well I went to the doctor about it and he said it was beyond a steroid injection and that I most likely needed surgery.  I didn’t schedule a follow up yet because as long as I don’t bend it, it doesn’t hurt.

Until today.

Trigger thumb

After my eight mile run this morning I was ripping off my sweaty clothes to jump in the shower and my thumb got caught in my sports bra.  It bent, rather forcibly and I heard a tearing sound.  Now it’s swollen and hurts like a mother so I guess I’ll need to schedule that follow up appointment.

And that’s all of my tangents for the day.  Of course it’s only 10:45AM so more could be coming.

What do you got?  Tell me anything.

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