16 miles and more trips to the vet

On Thursday afternoon I took Hank in to see the vet again.  We were concerned because he had been vomiting and I really felt it was because of the antibiotics so we discontinued them and they gave him an injectible antibiotic instead which lasts for two weeks.  They didn’t feel that Hank was too dehydrated and they said he looked fine so we headed down to Nokomis.

When we got to the house I found a ton of girl scout cookies and a little present from some of my favorite people in the world.

dog socks

I love it!

We got to Nokomis around 8 in the evening and by the time we got everything put away and wiped down everything we were exhausted and went to bed.  Unfortunately at around 1 in the morning Hank woke us up when we heard him trying to climb off the bed and about three minutes later he vomited, again.

On Friday morning he seemed fine again and ate as if nothing were wrong so we decided to wait it out and play it by ear.  MacGyver and I left for a little bit to hit a few garage sales but we didn’t do too much on Friday because we didn’t want to leave Hank alone for any length of time.  He was fine all day.  And then at 1 in the morning, he woke us up gagging and then puked all over the place.

dog puke alarm clock

After what seemed like the most violent puke attack ever he then climbed back into bed and went to sleep as if nothing happened.  It was so weird.  I got up around 5:30 and asked MacGyver if he minded keeping an eye on Hank while I went for a run and he said to go.  And go I did.  If I ever needed a long run, it was at that very moment!

16 Miles

I’ve been after that 16 miles for a while now and it felt good to get it done finally.  The first ten miles were actually blissful.  I was hoping I would feel that way all the way to 16 but of course around mile 12 I started to get a bit tired and I really felt those last four miles.

There was no way I was going to stop though, no way.  I needed that run.  I needed a win.  I didn’t care about how fast I was going or whether or not I stopped to walk for a few seconds, I just wanted to finish that run.

hitting the wall

Been there

I didn’t get a migraine after but I did feel a headache coming on much later in the day.  Fortunately I was able to take an Exedrine migraine and it went away so I don’t think it was because of the long run but more likely from stress and not a lot of sleep.  So, I’m not considering this long run a fail, quite the contrary, I think it was successful considering the circumstances.

After my long run Saturday I went to the store to get chicken and rice for Hank and also some pre and probiotics and then I called the vet and told her that Hank had been throwing up and told her all about his symptoms, all about his demeanor and then asked her what she thought the best course of action was.  She said if his gums looked pale or he seemed very lethargic to take him to the emergency vet and she also said to bring him in to see her Monday.

I did a search on the internet and I couldn’t find any emergency vets that were open on the weekends or after hours in Nokomis or the surrounding area.  So I told MacGyver that if Hank got sick even once more, we were going home to Clearwater so that I could take him to our emergency vet.

On Sunday morning at precisely 1AM I heard the familiar gagging sound.


Seriously mom, another vet visit?

We drove home and I took Hank into the emergency vet here in Clearwater.  They thought it might be gastritis due the amount of antibiotics that he’s been on or even possibly because of a new food I had been giving him that I was hiding his pills in.  They gave him an anti-vomiting injection and a subcutaneous injection to help with dehydration.

We got home and 10 minutes later he threw up again because that’s the kind of luck I have.  Fortunately,after that he didn’t throw up anymore.  I thought we might be headed for recovery but then I took him and Boomer on a walk this morning and he has now developed bloody diarrhea.  I’m off to the vet again today.  I’m not sure what’s going on but I’m praying they find out soon.  This poor dog needs a break and I’m just heartbroken watching him lie here in pain.

The day is already getting away from me.  I hate the stupid time change.  Why do we have to save daylight anyway, it’s not like it’s in danger of running out.  So stupid.

daylight savings time

How was your weekend?

Anyone ever given their dog Freshpet dog food and if so did your dog ever get sick from it?

4 thoughts on “16 miles and more trips to the vet

  1. I’m so sorry to read about the discomfort your doggo’s been feeling – I truly hope you’re able to figure out exactly what’s causing it and get him back to tip-top shape! On a more light-hearted note, the someecard is so true – the sound of a dog retching wakes me up faster than any other noise in the world!

    Jenn | http://www.thisjenngirl.com

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