The right to bear arms, in yoga pants.

Alexo Athletica has really cute clothing.  I like their yoga pants and jackets a lot.

Alexo Athletica

Not that we need jackets all that much in Florida but when I do need a jacket, I could see myself wearing this brands line.  As I said it’s really cute.

Alexo Athletica


Can you imagine out on the running trail or heading off to yoga class and wearing this outfit?

Active carry

I can.  But as cute as the Alexo Athletica brand is, it also serves a purpose.  Alexo Athletica is the very first Active Carry wear.

From the website:

“Alexo will never back down from supporting a woman’s right to choose how she defends herself while striving to bring the best in fashionable, functional active carry-wear to the market.”

Now I know I’m going to open a can of worms here but many of you reading this already know that MacGyver and I own a little piece of land out in the middle of Florida somewhere and on that land we built our own shooting range.  We own guns and we like to shoot them and I feel safer knowing that I have one for protection, should I ever need it.  This doesn’t mean that I’m not in favor of stricter gun laws because I am.  I am 100% in favor of stricter gun laws.

That being said, I think the pocket in my yoga pants is best used for a phone and my heavy duty pepper spray though I wont say I wouldn’t use it to hold my gun while out at my property and practicing at my range.  I’m just not so sure I would ever feel comfortable running with a gun.  I’d be afraid I’d accidentally shoot myself because I’m that clumsy.

That being said, I think it might be useful for say, trail running in remote areas or running in the mountains or deserts where there may be snakes.  It might also come in handy running in Alaska or someplace where the danger of an animal such as a bear is a reality.  Come to think of it, I’d probably use that gun pocket running anywhere around my remote property because we do have a lot of coyotes and rattlesnakes and other wildlife that could really mess a person up.

Alexo Athletica

When I first saw the ad for this company my immediate feeling was that they will probably hear a lot of backlash.  A lot.  But I like the idea.  Why not?  For those of us who believe in the right to bear arms and those who actually have a carry permit, why not?  That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in hearing other opinions though.  I’m always curious about what other people think.

So let’s open the discussion.

What do you think of this active wear line?

Would you carry a weapon in the pocket or would you buy the clothes to carry other things, such as a phone in the pockets?  (I think this is what I would mainly use them for but I’m all about big ass pockets in my active wear and that’s hard to come by.)

WTF Wednesday, win millions, get bit, take a trip

I don’t often play the lottery and MacGyver never plays but when he heard how high the mega millions was last night he insisted we take a trip up to the corner store to play.

Im in

Since we don’t play often we don’t really know all the rules or even where to play because the first three places we went didn’t have the lottery.  Finally we found a Hess station that was open and offered the lottery so I went in to play.  I picked my own numbers and then also asked the attendant for 2 quick picks.  She printed them out and told me the cost and then as she was ringing it up she said, ‘You know this is for Friday because it’s too late to play tonight, right?’

no i didn't

But I didn’t say that, I just shook my head yes because I’m an idiot and a liar.  For those of you who, like me, did not know the cutoff time, it’s 9PM.  I will never remember that so in the future if I want to play, I’ll just play the day before or not at all.

Every morning before I begin my day I open up my news feeds to see whats going on locally, nationally and generally everywhere.  For three days in a row this week the top story in all three feeds has been, Who bit Beyonce on the face? 

When I first saw the feed I skimmed over it but the more I saw it the more intrigued I became and now, I’m not ashamed to admit, I cannot live a full life until I know who bit Beyonce on the face!

For months the kid has been looking for a home to purchase in Columbus.  He actually had a contract on two but at the last minute something went wrong.  When he had a contract on the second house we were sure there would be no problems and the purchase would be complete at the end of March, he had a closing date and everything.  So, I purchased a round trip ticket to help him move and because I wanted to help him get the extra things he may need with a new house and all.

But then the house purchase fell through and the kid got super frustrated and decided to put the search on hold.

Im done with this

Of course I had a round trip airline ticket so I contacted the airline to change the ticket to a later date when the kid would have some days off and we could actually do some fun things.  The original ticket was purchased far in advance and I got a great price.  The new dates I chose were also a few months out so the difference in price was only 30 bucks however when I put it in the cart and went to check out, the cost was 215 dollars!

Apparently the airlines charge a 150 dollar change fee and miscellaneous other fees.

that's fucked

I mean I could see if I was cancelling a few days or even a few weeks before but I was changing the flight several weeks in advance.  But the most messed up part of the situation is that it is cheaper for me to just no show for the original flight and go ahead and book another trip which would cost 159 dollars but I didn’t do that, not did I change the dates.  I’m going to Columbus as originally planned.  Anybody have any ideas as to what I can do while I’m there?

WTF Wednesday

Yep, it’s Wednesday!

Tuesday tangents and such

There’s a palm tree very close to my house that has been damaged due to the storms this year.  There are two large holes, one in each side of the tree, and on one side a family of red bellied woodpeckers were living and on the other side, (much to my delight), a family of northern flickers.  There were so many baby birds.


“You mean there’s more like me?”

I was so happy to see them but especially the flickers because obviously I’m very fond of the flickers.  Yesterday I went down to the palm tree with the dogs to see the baby birds.  They were all gone.  So I sent MacGyver down with a ladder to assess the situation.

The news was so sad.  All the babies were gone.  MacGyver said they were most likely eaten by the starlings that were circling overhead.


In case you haven’t heard, no one finished the Barkley Marathons this year.  I watched a report on the race mostly because I love Gary Cantrell and you just never know what he’ll say.  He never disappoints.  This year he gave the interview in his geezer hat.  If you don’t know much about Gary Cantrell or Lazarus Lake as he’s also known, here’s a great article about the man and the challenging races he organizes.

And here’s the report about the Barkley Marathon’s this year.

For those of you who have asked about little Hank, he wanted me to let you know that he’s feeling 99% better. He and MacGyver has also started a club since the vet recommend we neuter him.  It’s called the ‘save Hank’s nuts club’ if you’re interested in joining.


‘Join the club and help save my nuts!’

Remember when I told y’all that I had trigger thumb?  Well I went to the doctor about it and he said it was beyond a steroid injection and that I most likely needed surgery.  I didn’t schedule a follow up yet because as long as I don’t bend it, it doesn’t hurt.

Until today.

Trigger thumb

After my eight mile run this morning I was ripping off my sweaty clothes to jump in the shower and my thumb got caught in my sports bra.  It bent, rather forcibly and I heard a tearing sound.  Now it’s swollen and hurts like a mother so I guess I’ll need to schedule that follow up appointment.

And that’s all of my tangents for the day.  Of course it’s only 10:45AM so more could be coming.

What do you got?  Tell me anything.