Demssew Tsega Abebe has a marathon PR of two hours and nine minutes and a half marathon time of one hour and one minute.  He was expected to run in the 2016 Olympics for his country of Ethiopia but that was before.

Demssew Tsega Abebe

Before his own country imprisoned him for a peaceful protest and then cut his heels and his feet so severely that he wasn’t able to run for a year.

Abebe escaped to find freedom in the United States and yesterday he was finally reunited with his family after two long years.  Abebe is also running again and I’m looking forward to hearing more about what this talented runner will accomplish. You can read about his story here.

Not too long after a tortured runner and his family became whole again, seventeen other families lives were ripped apart.

parkland school shooting

More and more reports are coming out to suggest that many people saw this coming.  If that’s the case then why?  Why did it escalate to this end?  It’s heartbreaking and I cannot even imagine what it must be like to be a teenager in this day and age.  I would never have in a million years expected any such thing to happen when I was in school.  It’s tragic and unfortunately I don’t believe the answer is a simple one but if we don’t start working toward a solution, I fear this is our new reality.

Yesterday I took both dogs to the vet.  Boomer is already getting better but Hank still seemed very lethargic all day yesterday.  I wanted to chalk it up to the cocktail of drugs that he’s on but I knew something wasn’t right.

This morning the swelling in his hind quarter started to subside and as it did I noticed something in his skin.

Dachshund bite

bug bite

It looks a lot like a bug bite to me.  I do know that his back gives him problems  from time to time but I’m fearful this is a spider bite.  His vet is in surgery this morning but I am taking him back in this afternoon.  It’ll probably cost me another few hundred bucks but I’d rather be safe than sorry and we need to get hm on the right medication if it is a bite.

Someone is looking out for me though because I went on a seven mile run this morning and about two miles in I saw something on the ground.  It was cash, and then I found another, and another, and another.  When I got home I pulled it all out of my sports bra and threw it on the counter.

found money running

I made two bucks a mile today.  Fourteen dollars total.  Not bad.  If I could find money like that every day, I’d never stop running!

What’s the most money you’ve ever found while out running?

Has your pet ever been bitten by an insect?  How could you tell?

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