WTF Wednesday, Camel Crossing, a commercial with a surprise guest, swimwear and more.

Did you see the Super Bowl commercial for Mich Ultra?  I was casually watching the game while we were out at the cabin and that commercial came on and I swear to you I didn’t really recognize anyone but Chris Pratt until the 30 second mark and instantly I knew who it was.

Did you spot her?

You may already know this but I’m addicted to reddit.  You never know what you’ll see on there on any given day.  For instance, this awesome clip of camels actually crossing the sea.  I mean, really, crossing the sea!

One would expect to see a dolphin or maybe even a whale but a camel, that’s just insane.  This completely conveys why I love nature.

I waited for a really long time yesterday, I patiently worked and piddled around waiting on the kid so that I could spend some time with him.  He was visiting with friends but he finally got here around 2PM.  I was beyond excited and wanted to immediately take him shopping but I guess boys just really aren’t all that excited to go shopping because he made me wait another hour while he played a game on his computer.

I sat across from him at the table very patiently.

I'm  impatient

Once we got going he didn’t mind it so much.  At first, I had to convince him to let me buy him things but he finally gave in because, FREE.

Did anyone else happen to see Uma Thurman’s instagram post about her accident on Kill Bill?  My God, that was such a horrible video to see.

Uma Thurman

Click on the image to see the video.

Ashley Graham released her new swimsuit collection.  I saw a preview of it online and I wondered who the model with her was.  It was her 53 year old mother.  Go mama Graham!

ashley graham

You can see more of the collection and read about the swimsuit line by clicking on the image.

One more thing, in case you haven’t heard, Kylie Jenner has given birth to a baby girl named Stormi.  I am so glad I don’t have to hear about this anymore.  Great, she has a baby at 20, now all the impressionable young girls out there can go buy her new lip kit which will inevitably be called Stormi.  Pass.

WTF it’s Wednesday.

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