Urban Exploring, because I need to know whats in that vacant house!

I am addicted to those urban exploring videos on Youtube.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  In these videos people visit abandoned properties and film what’s inside.  That sounds boring but it’s not.

I particularly like this one couple, Rick and Bekah, because they film everything they see and they mostly visit really old houses with great architecture.  The only thing that kills me is that Rick and Bekah are close to the kid’s age and in their commentary they refer to anything older than 30 years old as an antique.

It’s a good thing they haven’t seen me in one of those houses!

old meme

Well, in Rick and Bekah years anyway.

The kid is coming to visit this Saturday and he’ll be here for a week.  While he is here we are going to visit the cabin and take a drive down to West Palm.  I am searching all over the internet for something we can visit to do some urban exploring.  I’ve found a few places near the cabin, we just have to convince MacGyver it’s a good idea.


Maybe if we show him some of the videos where they find old muscle cars still inside the garage…

Have you ever gone urban exploring?

Have you seen the videos?

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