Surgery, round 2, what the hell is in that spider venom?

Yesterday Hank had to have another surgery.  The poor thing has lost so much skin that this time they weren’t able to fully close the wound.  It’s covered with a honey bandage and I have to take him in a few times a week to have it changed.

Hank and his cone

The vet also gave him a new cone, a larger one.  Hopefully he wont be able to wriggle out of this one.  Apparently while he was in the vets office awaiting his surgery he managed to somehow chew out even more stitches so I’m glad they gave him this larger one.  It’s awkward for him and i hate that he has to wear it but I also want him to heal properly.

The vet had to cut out quite a bit more skin and it’s unbelievable that the venom has spread as much as it did.  I found a holistic paste online which has garnered incredible reviews from both people who have been bitten by the brown recluse and the owners of dogs who have also been bitten.  They say it stops the venom from spreading and expedites the healing so I ordered it because I don’t think I can put this dog through another surgery.

Little Hank

The vet added another antibiotic to his regime as well and she feels this will help prevent any infection as well as stop the venom.  I certainly hope so.  Watching him lay on the sofa helpless, day after day, is killing me.

I had planned on writing about another piece of the puzzle in my long run without migraines success but obviously, I’ve been a little preoccupied with Hank so it may have to wait a few days.

The bandage that Hank has now is actually tied on with strings and wrapped through staples.  I can tell that it itches quite bad because he jumps up occasionally and tries to bite at it.  Unfortunately I cannot change the badge myself just yet, the vet will have to do that for another week or so.  Our next bandage change is Saturday and I sure hope we get that holistic powder before then.

Thanks for all your well wishes and comments, Hank is our little baby and it means so much to MacGyver and me.

Do you have any pets?  

Tell me about them, names and ages and anything you think makes them special?

4 thoughts on “Surgery, round 2, what the hell is in that spider venom?

  1. Oh, man, poor little Hank! Sending so many healing thoughts his way. It’s so bad when your pets are ill or injured – I always just feel so helpless, because it’s not like you can explain to them why they have bandages or have to wear a cone. Ugh! I hope that his healing comes easily. And sending hugs your way, because I know how tough this is for you!

    My husband and I currently have three dogs – Ruby, our oldest, is an eleven year old shepherd mix (we think – the shelter listed her as GSD/rottie, but there’s no way, she’s too small – just 45 pounds). She is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met and until recently was able to jump (not climb – JUMP) our six foot wooden privacy fence. I think she’s finally gotten too old.

    Sadie, our second oldest, is ten-ish (we don’t really know – the shelter listed her age as 2 – 5 when we got her) is a straight up mutt. Maybe some lab in there? She’s our lazy chunk – about 85 pounds. She is so lazy that I insisted we take her to the vet and get her thyroid checked and some other tests because I knew there had to be something wrong with her. Nope. She’s just that lazy.

    Biko is our baby (at five) and is an African village dog. His doggie mama was adopted by a friend of ours while in the Peace Corps in Mali, Africa – when she brought Biko’s mama home, she found out she was pregnant with seven puppies – surprise! We adopted one of those puppies. If you do a Google image search for “African village dog” – all the dogs that are kind of a brownish-tan that all look alike – that’s exactly what he looks like.

    Biko actually really needs cruciate ligament surgery, but we’ve been holding off because we know the recovery will be terrible (six weeks enforced rest). One of these days we need to just bite the bullet and do it, though, and just have a terrible six weeks for all of us.

  2. I and sending love and lots of healing to Hank and your family. Poor baby. I hope the worse is over. I have been actively involved in cat rescue locally in my neighborhood in Tampa. We have placed over 60 kitties into good homes and got many others spayed or neutered to stop the cycle of overpopulation. Let’s say that I have seven kitties right now (but probably more). Alvin is my youngest – he is about to turn 2 in May and I had to bottle feed him, so he thinks that I am his mother. Keeping Hank in my prayers!!

    • Thank you so much and I love that you have helped place so many kitties. I have a friend who helps do that and fosters as well for the humane society. I’m afraid I would get too attached and end up needing a farm! 😉 I do love me some animals.

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