WTF Wednesday, three identical strangers

Has anyone ever told you that you just like someone?  I mean like really look like someone.  So much so that it’s uncanny.  Well imagine if that happened and then you saw the person and it was just like looking in the mirror.  And then you found out you had the same birthday and that you were both adopted.  That’s how you find out that you have a twin.  A legit twin.

That’s what happened to Robert Shafran and Edward Galland when they attended the same community college when they were both 19 years old.


That would be an awesome story if it ended right there but it didn’t.  Robert and Edward soon learned they had a brother, David Kellman.  But David was not just a brother, he was also their triplet.  Seriously.


The triplets soon realized that they had a lot of the same mannerisms, smoked the same cigarettes, and even like the same type of women even though they never knew each other existed.  It was mind blowing and the press had a field day with the brothers.  They became local celebrities and even had a bit part in a movie.

But it’s not a happy story.

The triplets were separated on purpose, as part of a scientific experiment.  Peter Neubauer, a psychologist wanted to study the effects of nature versus nurture and so the triplets were separated after being given up for adoption by their birth mother.

They were sent to live in three very different homes with different socioeconomic backgrounds and they were secretly filmed and studied for years.  Until they met and the experiment was revealed.

It sounds so contrived doesn’t it?  Except that it’s true.  When I first heard this story I was enthralled and now you can learn all about their story in Three Identical Strangers which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.  I’m not sure when the movie comes out but it begins when the triplets first meet and follows the journey from there and I can’t wait to see it.

Here’s the trailer:

WTF? It’s Wednesday and the truth is stranger than fiction, isn’t it?

Are you a twin? 

Is this a movie that you would want to see?

Had you heard about this story before?

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