WTF Wednesday, it’s why I’m rockin an afro.

I had planned on doing a review for you yesterday on some awesome shoes but that didn’t happen.  Why?  Well, my internet went down on Monday and was down all night and all day yesterday.

Pulling out hair

I called the provider on Monday night and immediately got a recording telling me that the entire area was affected due to a fiber cut.  Oh really?  They also said they couldn’t give a definitive time as to when it would be repaired but please, be patient because they were working on it.

I went to bed and woke up Tuesday and still no service.  I logged into my hotspot and checked their website and it didn’t mention any outages in my area.  Then I went to the down detector site and a lot of people in my are said they were up and running so I thought maybe it was me.  I checked the cable and all the computers over and over again.  I reset everything.  I shut everything off and back on again.  Nothing.

As a last resort I called the provider and when I didn’t hear the recorded message mentioning the outage and I just knew it was just me and my service that was out because that’s the kind of luck I have.  I waited on hold for 32 minutes and then the customer service rep told me the entire area was still experiencing problems.



I, ahem, politely explained to the representative that I wouldn’t have wasted 32 minutes on the phone waiting if only they had taken the five seconds to update the website or add the message to their automated service.  He said they’ve been requesting that from the supervisors but so far, nothing had been posted.  UGH!

We finally got the cable and internet back around 5PM and then at 9:54 this morning, it took a shit again.

nervous breakdown

Because I didn’t want to use my hotspot all day yesterday, instead of getting work done I decided it might be a good time to work on other things.  I have been procrastinating when it comes to some of the chores around the house and I needed to organize some things.

I started in the bathroom but I only made it through one shelf because I found a curling iron I thought I had lost and I decided to try this hairstyle that I found on pinterest.  (ADD much?)

beach hair waves

My hair isn’t as long as hers but it’s long enough to do this style and I’ve wanted to try it forever and so I did, and it only took me an hour.

Unfortunately the result was not the same.

Mine ended up looking like this:


White Girl Afro

There’s a reason that I’m not a beauty blogger.

WTF it’s Wednesday and I’m just over here with no internet and some crazy hair.

What do you do when your internet and cable are out?  For like, days!

2 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, it’s why I’m rockin an afro.

    • She’s a model, I think but not sure who. She rocks a mean afro though. If I looked that good, I would’ve posted my picture but it was so bad the dogs were afraid of me :0

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