Thursday in the 727, a different kind of racing

No, the following pictures are not from an episode of Street Outlaws and no, MacGyver and I were not in the 405, AKA Oklahoma City.

showtime speedway

There was no Big Chief, no Farm Truck and no Azn.  There was a 72 Nova but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the Murder Nova.

72 Nova

Nope, MacGyver and I were at the Showtime Speedway.  In an effort to get him to finally get the 67 Pontiac back on the street, we headed down there for some motivation.  I think it worked too because he didn’t take his eyes off the track once.  It was test and tune night.

me and macgyver

Yep, he was watching a race and I busted him.

If you’ve never been to the races or a track of any sort, I highly recommend it.  It’s super exciting.  Last night there was a girl testing her snowmobile which she races, I kid you not. She got that thing up to 95 miles an hour on the 1/8 mile track.  Why she had a snowmobile in Florida I have no idea but the girl kicked ass.

I was quite surprised to see how accurate Street Outlaws actually is when I learned that they do in fact use computers on their cars!

tuningThe Showtime Speedway has a test and tune night each Wednesday and the actual races are on the weekend but some of the cars did race last night and some of them were super fast.

fast car

I don’t know how motivated MacGyver is but I really want to race.  And MacGyver says I can if we pull out the pontiac and make some adjustments to it.  The only caveat is that he says I’ll need to wear a helmet.  I’m not fond of helmets but considering the amount of times I’ve crashed my bike, it’s probably necessary.  (And not just for racing.)


They have a circle track too where some guys where practicing last night.  The cars get really close tot he fence and I got a bit nervous.  I mean they do make you sign a waiver when you go in.

I wonder what they make you sign when you race?  Hopefully I’ll find out soon…

Have you ever been to the races?  Fan or not?

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