Cold weather running advice from a Floridian. I can’t even say that with a straight face.

Yesterday I did not leave the house until almost 4PM when the sun finally decided to appear and it reached 50 degrees.  I wore a parka just to be safe.

Cold weather wearI only ventured out for 20 minutes to take the dogs for a walk and then I retreated to the warmth and safety of my sofa.  (With a heated blanket I might add.)

It wasn’t just the cold that got to me yesterday, it was the wind and the rain.  I don’t mind the cold so much but when you add rain and 25 mile an hour winds, I’m done, I just can’t.

This morning the wind and rain were gone and believe it or not 39 degrees didn’t feel all that bad.  The trick is to pile on as many layers as you can at least 30 minutes before you leave the house.  It gets really hot inside with all those clothes on and when you get outside you’ll appreciate the cold.  That’s how it happened for me anyway.

I didn’t really have a planned route this morning so I ran down by the park and through a neighborhood and then back towards my house and through another neighborhood. There’s a guy that I see frequently who runs in the neighborhood too, and I see him at least 2 or 3 times a week depending on where I’m running.  He always wears shorts and no shirt and he’s super fast.

Sure enough, I saw him this morning.  I expected him to be in sweats and a hoodie but no, he was in shorts.  And believe it or not, absolutely no shirt!  No shirt!


That’s a recipe for pneumonia.  I yelled out to him,”hey, aren’t you freezing?” He yelled back, “no, it just helps me run faster.”  Seriously?  The dude is already outrunning most of the cars.  It must be nice to be that fast but for those of us who hover at just past a turtle’s pace, we run in layers, and gloves, and knit hats, and maybe a parka.

What do you wear when it’s below 40 degrees outside?

Do you like running in the cold weather?

How about when it’s raining or windy?


4 thoughts on “Cold weather running advice from a Floridian. I can’t even say that with a straight face.

  1. I wear shorts and a t-shirt when it’s 40… Cause I ain’t leaving the house haha

    I really only run in the cold if it’s a race. I’m a wimp.

  2. Haha, while I agree that the cold helps me run faster, I definitely would at least put a shirt on for 40 degrees. I’d have a lightweight long sleeve and shorts but add wind and rain and that’s another layer on top and pants on the bottom at least!

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