Alexa, when will it get warm again?

Good Morning.  Or is it?


It’s currently raining here and it’s 44 degrees.  While that may not seem all that cold to some of you, I can assure you that here in Florida, it’s freezing.  In fact, in north Florida those poor people have had some snow.  SNOW.  In Florida!  This is insane.

A friend of mine sent me a meme this morning that accurately depicts me.

freezing weather


Typically when I get up in the morning, I take the dogs out to pee and then I go for a run and then, when I return, I take the dogs for a walk.  By the time I come in the door they are crazy.  They even go so far as to pull their leashes off the hook sometimes and throw them at me.  (I wish I was kidding.)

Yesterday morning it was 39 degrees and I had to practically throw Hank outside to pee.  I actually ran 6 miles and when I got back, Hank was in this position,


I aint gonna lie, I joined him later in the day.  It’s the only way I get to use the electric blanket because he owns it.

I was all prepared to run this morning but it happens to be pouring outside and I just couldn’t motivate myself to run in cold, wet weather.  It just didn’t happen.  I might run later.  Maybe.  When it’s this cold yoga and weight training suddenly become completely desirable.

When the kid was here for Christmas he brought a gift for Grandma which I mailed to my mom last week.  She got it yesterday and promptly called to tell me that she loves it.  I wondered why she was calling me to tell me she loved it instead of the kid when she said, ‘how do you use it?’

two pics For the record, it’s a wireless charging station thingy for the iPhone 8 and since I don’t have an iPhone 8 or an iPhone 10 I have no clue how it works.  I’m stuck in the dark ages.  I tried to explain to mom that I don’t use one and so I don’t really know how it works but she kept describing the thing to me.  “It’s square with a little round thingy on it, which way do I put it down”, she asked.

And the questions kept coming and the more I couldn’t answer the more frustrated she got.  Finally I said, ‘you’ll need to call the kid tomorrow.’  And by that time, I was the frustrated one.  Then, this morning I saw this meme.


She’s getting an echo for her birthday.  Welcome to my world Alexa!

How’s your weather?

Do you run when it’s cold and raining or God forbid, in the snow?

Who is tech support in your family?


6 thoughts on “Alexa, when will it get warm again?

  1. I’ll take Florida weather any day during our winter months….our weiner dog has way more “accidents” in the house….we have to watch him when he goes out now to be sure he actually goes. Otherwise he runs out and turns around only to pee or poo later in the house….UGH!!!!

    • Your dog and my dog are related, trust! My dog does the same damn thing, only he never has poo’d in the house but he’ll pee and spite pee in a hot minute. So, I totally get the having to watch him part, I do it all damn day. It’s a good thing he’s cute. Dachshunds are so freakin stubborn!

  2. I LOVE the Florida meme. I’m giggling here.

    Maybe your mom called you because you mailed it to her and not your son? 😀

    I’m so impressed you ran in the cold. Heck, I’m working up the motivation to go to Publix (truthfully that’s not just cold avoidance lol)

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