Plaids and a ring

It occurred to me that I might have a problem this weekend when I realized that I yell for MacGyver’s assistance anytime I need to get something that would require me having to use a stool or a ladder but I will scale a tree taller than my house all by myself to put up Christmas lights. Every time.

tree with lights
I got about 15 feet up the tree and I was trimming like a boss until I missed a step and fell into the pond. I know, I am graceful like that. It wouldn’t have been so bad except that it was freezing cold out, probably like 50 degrees. I nearly died. Okay not died but I did get very cold and I had to change clothes.

After all that I didn’t feel like working on the pond anymore but I did manage to finish the lanai.

lanai lights
Since it was so cold this weekend I got to do something I’ve been waiting almost a year to do. Last year late in winter MacGyver and I had gone to a pet store and I happened to find a clearance section full of some great things. So Sunday morning when I woke up I decided it was time to take advantage of the cool weather and show off my clearance finds.plaid chucksDo they make chucks in buffalo plaid? If they do I need them.

I spent a lot of the weekend in running clothes. I ran 11 miles on Saturday. You may not have noticed and I really haven’t been all that vocal about it but I’ve been increasing my long runs by a mile every week in the hopes that I’ll be ready to run a half marathon in the next month or so. I think I’m pretty close. I just want to be confident that I can run a full half without suffering from a migraine hence the reason I’m trying to get to 13 or 14 miles before I commit to a race.

There is a method to my madness. My migraines are debilitating and since I don’t take the evil Topiramate anymore, I have to really monitor everything I do. It’s really just that simple but complicated at the same time. I have to make sure I monitor everything from my shoes to my salt tablets but it’s working and that’s all that really matters right?

I felt fine after Saturday’s run so I ran 6 more on Sunday and that brought my total to 17 for the weekend and 32 for the week, 37 if you count the miles I walked.

I only ventured out once other than running and that was for a quick trip to Walmart of Sunday and then late last night MacGyver and I got all settled in and watched The Walking Dead. I have this habit of spinning my Motiv ring around on my finger when I’m nervous or anxious and believe me when I tell you that last nights episode definitely made me anxious. I won’t spoil it for you but when I was watching it and went to spin my ring, that’s when I noticed that tragedy had struck.

My Motiv ring is gone. Forever. MacGyver and I looked everywhere but we couldn’t find it and I am just heartbroken. I plan on heading outside today to look again, probably at lunch time but I’m not holding out much hope. Wish me luck!

Have you ever lost a ring? (I’ve lost many…)
Did you watch The Walking Dead?

6 thoughts on “Plaids and a ring

  1. Hi! Great blog – I like your writing style. Believe it or not, I found your blog by accident. I received my Motiv ring a week ago. I like it very much. Seems to be pretty accurate on my sleep time, resting HR, active time, steps, and even distance… but not my ACTIVE HR! The ring is way low compared to my Garmin 620. (I know, eerie similarities!) ANYWAY, my motiv app said it hadn’t synced in 5 hours so I started spinning it on my finger and the little blue light never came on. I put in on the charger (full charge just last night) and the light didn’t come on! OH NO! Oops, wait, there’s the light. Says “30 m until charged”. Meanwhile, I was googling “motiv ring totally dead” and your blog post from yesterday was the 5th hit! Good for you! BTW, I grew up on the Florida Space Coast, but now I live in Delaware. I am an RRCA-certified running coach, and I also have a blog, although it’s not as good as yours: I’ll be back to read more!

    • Hi Charlie! Thanks so much for checking out my blog. I’ll be sure to check yours out too. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your Motiv ring but I’m wondering why it would go dead like that. Mine didn’t sync a few weeks ago but there was an update and since that time it’s been fine. I absolutely love it especially the fact that it’s waterproof. I tend to wash a lot of my electronics. However, I was most impressed that I found it outside on my patio after I had lost it the day before and it still worked fine. I’m crossing my fingers it continues to do so and I don’t lose it again. 🙂

  2. Yes, I lost my engagement ring…it was not hugely expensive but very pretty and I wore it all the time. So 10 years into our marriage and with 2 kids, I was in the car driving them somewhere and like you, I used to spin it around my finger constantly when it suddenly flew off and I never found it 🙁 I am so sorry about your motiv ring, I know you loved it.

    • That sucks! I hate that it flew off. I lost a ring in the ocean once, well not me someone I let wear it, but I always get mad when I think about it because how do you look for something in the ocean? You can’t. However, on another note, I actually found my ring outside on the patio! I am beyond excited that I found it. I do love that ring! 🙂

  3. Way to go with upping the mileage and managing those migraines!
    I lost my wedding ring once. Looked for it EVERYWHERE, even in places it had no business being (eg. the fridge) and was just about to give up when my wife suggested checking the garbage. There, all wadded up in paper towels, was my ring! I had washed something soapy earlier on and when I wiped my hands with the paper towels, the ring slid right off and into the wad of towel I threw out. Scary part was that the garbage was supposed to go out that night!

    • Dang! your as lucky as me. I have to admit though, I have thrown a lot of things in the garbage by mistake. Fortunately I’ve found most of them but I shudder to think about what I missed.

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