Running when there’s a serial killer out there, somewhere…

MacGyver went hunting very early this morning, (like 3AM kind of early.)  I was still sleeping but woke up at 5AM ready to get my day started.  I love it when I have the mornings all to myself because I can get ready pretty quickly and get out the door to go running.  I even like to leave before the sun comes up and run a bit in the dark.

Mizuno shoes

But that didn’t happen this morning.  I got paranoid because it was still dark at 6:15 and in case you don’t know about all the things happening in Tampa Bay, we have a serial killer on the loose and it’s definitely affecting me and when I go running because mostly, I run solo and mostly, I’m afraid of serial killers.

For the record, I don’t live in Seminole Heights or in the vicinity, I live across the bay but I’m convinced with all the media coverage and the police presence, he’ll head over here.  I still ran but I waited til the sun started to come up.  Safety first.  Of course just as I finished and rounded the corner of my street, I saw two police cars rolling past my house, slowly.

Obviously, I searched the county 911 calls and realized it was a ‘supplement’ call, which I also googled to find out the meaning.  It seems like all if good for now but it didn’t help my paranoia.

It looks like this will be a good day to stay inside and shop online. Check back tomorrow, I have a black Friday special coming from Mizuno that you don’t want to miss!

Would you change your running habits if there were a serial killer in your area?

6 thoughts on “Running when there’s a serial killer out there, somewhere…

  1. UM YES!!! I change my walking route in the spring/summer because I know the snakes are more apt to be out sunning when its hot and serial killers are kind of like snakes right?!

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