My video surveillance saves the day again.

I had a plan.

Yesterday I had my to do list all ready to go. I ran five miles, then walked the dogs and finally at 8:45 I sat down to conquer the day and let me tell you, I was ready!

And then, my computer crashed.

I was pretty sure I knew what the problem was but I had to go on another computer to google all of the issues and then try and fix it, which I did, after a deadline, and just before lunch.

I was just about to make some lunch when I heard my neighbor yelling and so I ran outside to see what was going on. My neighbor has a gold and yellow macaw named Gracie and apparently she up and disappeared. She doesn’t really fly all that far so I was thinking that she probably walked across the road and was hiding and I decided to check my security system to see if I could tell which way she went.

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

In the footage from my surveillance cams I noticed a yellow car parked in front of my neighbor’s home so, I asked her if she knew the people in the car and she said no. Then we decided to view the video of the car a little bit closer just to see if we could tell why it was sitting there so I zoomed in.

And that’s when we first saw a woman get out of the car and grab a blanket or towel and throw it over Gracie and put her in the car.

An actual birdnapping right in front of us!

Holy Shit

And, it had happened just a half hour earlier!

My neighbor called the police and they spent the next few hours looking over the scene and viewing the video. Fortunately, it’s a brand new system that MacGyver installed this weekend, (black Friday sale) and the police were all kinds of impressed with the quality, but unfortunately because it’s new, we have no idea how to get the footage off the system and onto a jump drive or a disc.

were idiots
The police will be coming by at some point today and their IT guy will figure it out. I’m just happy I don’t have to try and figure it out and risk losing the data. That would suck because I’m hoping with the footage they can get their bird back.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could have their forensic IT person actually look at my computer and figure it out too? Yeah, I’m not counting on it either but I can dream.

Do you make to do list or are they over rated?

Who do you call when you have computer problems?

6 thoughts on “My video surveillance saves the day again.

  1. WOW!! That is so weird and I SO HOPE your neighbor gets her bird back!!! Why do people think they can just take something from other people??? UGH…this world today has me questioning SO many things about others and their morals ….. what is happening?????

  2. What? Was this a planned birdnapping (do you think)?! I hope the cops are successful and it’s great that they are looking into it.

    Hell yeah, I need lists. And I’m old fashioned and prefer pen and paper. No list, won’t remember…

    I don’t have many computer issues usually.

    (I started running again in my new area. And today saw the entrance to the little park around the corner that I plan on checking out for my run).

    • My neighbor definitely thinks it was planned. We’re hoping the police are successful in locating the suspect since we got a really good view of the car but so far nothing.

      I’m so glad your running! And let me know how the park is, maybe it’s close to where my cabin is!

      • I’m happy I’m running, too! But man, I know I’ve been sitting more (my facility is physically smaller and work load is, too) and haven’t been running. I really feel it in my hips and lower back.

        The park is by the airport. It’s LaCosta Wetlands. The bridges there look like your header photo 🙂

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