I’m goin up the country tell me if you wanna go

There’s a commercial that comes on frequently and if I hear it, I catch an earworm that plaques me throughout the day.  It tortures MacGyver because I can’t help myself, I sing it incessantly.  Badly, I might add.  Think Miranda Sings from Haters Back Off.  Yeah, sorry for the image.

It’s impossible not to sing it.  I promised I wouldn’t share with you lest you catch the earworm too but I need you to share in my obsession and also annoy anyone and everyone around you.

I wanted to know more about Canned Heat after I heard that song.  So, I went to YouTube and listened to some of their songs and then I read in the comments of one song that the band had a tragic story so I went to Google for the 411 and then it happened and I fell down the rabbit hole.

Two hours later I realized I had missed a work deadline.  And it all started because of a damn insurance commercial and an earworm.  Dammit!  I still have no idea whose commercial it is but I’m banning myself from Google until after work.

However, while I was on my quest for the tragic story of Canned Heat  I also found this story about Dr. Reynolds, a high school principal who could probably make any kid love school, check her out.  Seriously, check her out.  I have no idea how long it  took her to learn that dance but dayumm, it was awesome!

WTF it’s Wednesday and I really need to get my ass to work and also teach autocorrect that earworm is an actual thing.

What is the one earworm that drives you crazy?

Any teachers out there?  Would you dance with the school dance or step team?

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