Tuesday, the thoughts that run while running

The one thing, the absolute one thing that I really need more than anything is the endorphin high or the rush that I get every morning from my little workout.  It’s maybe the reason I love to run so much.  I just need it.  It calms me and puts me in my happy place.

I get up at the ass crack of dawn, sneak off to the bathroom and dress in the half dark and then I slip out the back door before anyone else gets up.

sneaky deaky

I go out the door with all of the problems of my day in my head and in that brief half hour to an hour I figure them out.  Seriously.  I do.

I wish I could explain to you how this happens but I swear to you it does.  I figure out how I’m going to manage all of my time for the day, which projects need to be completed and when and what to work on first, who to call, what to say, etc. etc.

I totally clear my head and ease my mind and come back so peaceful.  Jokingly we call it runner’s high but It’s an incredible feeling.

I’d like to teach the world to run.

It would be such a happier place.

For everyone.

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