WTF Wednesday, it’s cold outside!

We had a cold front blow in and it is 67 degrees currently where I live.  I have been looking forward to the cooler weather arriving since June and now that it’s finally here, I am sitting at my computer in jeans, cowboy boots, a sweater and I have a blanket draped over my legs.

I’m fucking freezing!

It's cold

I know y’all are like, what the hell?  It’s not even cold and to some of you 67 might even be like, oh my God Spring however, but to me it’s cold and it’s only good for running, after that, it’s useless and I’m ready to turn on the heat.


Apparently I don’t do Fall either.

WTF, it’s Wednesday and I can’t believe how cold I am!

What’s your temperature right now?  What’s your breaking point?  50F, 40F?  Tell me!


My happy place is anywhere I can run

Yesterday I went to the doctor for a follow up visit.  I’m not going to go into all of the details but I thought I would tell you about my neck and my arm and hand.  It’s still jacked up.  The steroids did absolutely nothing for me.


When the doctor asked me if they helped I said, ‘no, not at all and I still wake up several times a night with a burning and tingling pain.’  She just went on to the next subject at which point I had to interrupt her and ask what the next step was in helping me fix the pinched nerve in my neck and alleviating the pain.  After some, let’s call it opinionated diatribe so I won’t come off as an angry bitch, she wrote me a script to see a physical therapist.

I win

Unfortunately, the sports therapist cannot fit me in until Halloween but I’m okay with that because it gives me something to look forward to.

Oh, and also, I’m running again.

crazy runningr

And I’m testing out my new shoes from Mizuno!

new shoes

And if that isn’t enough to be excited about, holy Fall batman, check out our weather.

fall weather

That’s really all I need, great shoes, great weather and a run every day.

How about you?  What makes you happy?

I don’t like to move it, move it.

Don’t you hate those people who get all excited on Monday mornings.  You know the type, they’re all like ‘good morning sunshine’ and I’m like,

shut your mouth

And especially when I’m tired or exhausted which is a much more accurate description after the week and the weekend that we just had.  I mean closing on two houses in one day is crazy but moving from one into the other in less than 3 days is just, dare I say, stupid?


This is how MacGyver would’ve liked to move but I had to squash that shit right there.

Clearly MacGyver and I are NOT real men.  It took us about 14 trips with a huge car hauler.  Did I mention that this is a vacation house?  Yeah, we are obviously hoarders and we have a shit ton of pure crap, but we got it moved.

We managed to walk the dogs every day during the move as to try and keep their lives as normal as possible.  On one of those mornings MacGyver almost stepped on something and that something is now a new member of the family.  Let me introduce you to Squishy Toots.

Squishy Toots

Cute isn’t he?  He was pretty chill during the moving too but then how excited do turtles actually ever get?

So, we got everything in the new house on Friday afternoon and then we spent most of Saturday and Sunday cleaning the new house and moving boxes and furniture into our rooms.  We don’t have everything moved in but I did manage to finish, (or semi finish) setting up a few rooms and here they are.

The kitchen.


The dining room


And the living room

living room


We still need to paint and hang our pictures and fine tune but since we spend our weekends there, I had to go ahead and set up some things.  I don’t mind.  I get weirdly excited about decorating.  Weirdly.  Maybe obsessed is the right word but hey, who’s to say that’s a bad thing?  Not me!

The new house is not far from the old one but the water is way better.  The fishing is going to be awesome.  In case you’re wondering how I know, MacGyver threw one crab trap in the water just after we closed on Friday afternoon.  Saturday morning, he pulled up four of these guys.


Blue Crabs in the pot!

We got home last night just in time for The Walking Dead which I personally thought was dismal at best.  Not one of my favorite episodes ever and actually the Talking Dead which aired afterwards was more exciting in my opinion.  Let’s hope it gets better because I can’t stop watching.  Why? Ummmm, Daryl!

This morning, we’re over here just trying to get back to normal, which means, I’ve got some new shoes to try out and I’m going for a run.

Have a fantastic Monday, and tell me what you did this weekend.

Do you like moving?  How about decorating?