The Motiv Ring and my review.

Happy Halloween!  I’m dressed as a running blogger who is writing a review on a new fitness tracker.

I’ve been wearing a Garmin watch for years.  The thing is, I use that watch for tracking things related to my morning run and that’s pretty much it.  A few years ago, I decided to add a fitbit HR to the mix to get an idea of how active I am outside of running, and I wasn’t very.

Jimmy Fallon

So I decided to up my steps and within a short period of time 10,000 steps a day became an obsession, running or not.  I also started tracking my heart rate and my sleep and the fitbit HR was great at that.  There were only a few things that I hated about the fitbit HR, mainly that I was always worried about it getting wet and the fact that I had a permanent white spot on my wrist that started to look like a very ugly tattoo, especially in the summer.

Tan lines

Yeah, not a fan of that.

When I first heard about the Motiv Ring, I was immediately intrigued.    A fitness tracker inside a ring and also available in slate gray and my personal favorite rose gold, show me where to buy it!  Unfortunately, it wasn’t available and I had to wait for almost a year.  If you know me, patience is not my virtue!

Asiz Ansara

I had no choice so I waited and then in September of this year, it was time, I bit the bullet and I ordered.  Surprisingly, the first thing that came was a sizing kit.

Motiv Ring Sizing Kit

Apparently, your fingers change sizes throughout the day, so they send you a sizing kit.  Once you find the right size, you are instructed to wear the ring for 24 hours to make sure you have the perfect fit.  I chose a large size because I wanted to wear the ring on my pointer or middle finger and so I wore the size I chose for 24 hours and it was fine.  Done.  Time to order.

The ring came shortly after I went to the Motiv website and chose my size.

Motiv RingThe ring is made of a very lightweight titanium and I chose rose gold.  It’s not as heavy as you would think and it didn’t take long for me to get used to it.  It is bulky looking though, and if you have short fat fingers like I do, it won’t do much for you aesthetically.   That being said, it’s a lot more attractive than the fitbit HR because, hello, it’s a ring!

If you are used to seeing the time and pressing a button to see your stats like I was, the ring will take a little getting used to.  It doesn’t have a display, instead it syncs to your phone and you view your stats in the app.

motiv app

To sync it you just twist the ring on your finger.

motiv stats

As far as tracking steps, not all steps are created equal and the Motiv ring places emphasis on the ‘active minutes’.  Don’t worry, it still tracks all of your steps but it tells you your active minutes which is really what you need to focus on if your objective is to get or stay heart healthy.  I also had to play around with the app to get used to it and it took a little bit of time for the Motiv ring to get used to my heart rate and activity.  I set my goal at 300 minutes a week because I focus on 60 minutes, 5 days a week.  Last week, I nailed it with 351 total minutes!


The Motiv ring tracks your heart rate too and gives you the overall average and it tracks your sleep.  I have to say the sleep tracking is not really all that accurate and I haven’t been too impressed with that feature.  The fitbit HR was much more accurate so if you’re buying a fitness tracker specifically to track your sleep, go with a fitbit HR or another tracker.

motiv app stats

A lot of those nights I got up multiple times and one of them it tracked my early morning reading as sleep because I read in bed.

Other than the sleep tracking, the Motiv ring is awesome and did I mention that it’s water resistant?  I’ve taken a shower with it every day, washed the dishes, swam and still it works perfectly.  In fact, it tracked my swimming workout!


Lastly, and this just may be because I’m hard on things but the ring does scratch.  I’ve had mine less than a month and its already gotten quite a few scratches on it.  Like I said though, I’m hard on things so it may just be me.  Overall, if you are concerned with your active minutes and overall how healthy your lifestyle is, I highly recommend the Motiv Ring.  I absolutely love mine and at 199 dollars, it’s certainly affordable.


This review is not sponsored.  I purchased the Motiv ring myself and! all opinions are my own.  To learn more about the Motiv Ring or to order one, you can visit their website.

Tell me about your favorite activity tracker and why it’s your favorite.

You just have to wait til Monday…

So, I promised a review of the Motiv Ring and I seriously meant to post it today because that’s what I do but then, life sort of happened.

I got slammed yesterday and then my Mom came to town and well, no review.


Mom got in quite late and I have some catching up to do this morning so it will have to wait til Monday.

But on a side note, Mom came in all excited and slammed this down on the counter.

So, I asked what it was and Mom said, ‘Oh Chick-fil-A actually gave us a boy’s toy this time and Shaky is so excited about it.’

Um, Shakespeare is a dog.  I’m pretty sure he has no idea what that thing is but he might want to pee on it.  Yeah, he probably will pee on it.

Happy Friday!  What are your weekend plans?

You always have to pay the man!

I am in the process of writing my review of the Motiv Ring for y’all.  I wanted to post it today but I just didn’t have the time to finish it last night.  My Mom is coming to town and I’ve got to get things ready.

should i mop

Typically when she comes I have everything in place and cleaned and I’m all ready for the visit but this month has been crazy and I’m all over the place hence the reason that I’m not prepared.

Well, there’s that and the fact that I’m hiding from the mailman who is trying to find me to arrest me and put me in jail because apparently when you’re hosting the annual neighborhood garage sale you have to place the flyers in the newspaper slot or on the door, not in the mailbox!


That’s what I get for trying to do something nice for the community, God forbid I leave out the man.  I guess the fact that I paid 67 dollars to send a priority package yesterday which, by the way cost more to send than I paid for the actual present doesn’t matter, huh?

Check back tomorrow for my review of the Motiv Ring!  I’ll probably be in a better mood by then too or in white collar crime prison.  Is that really even a thing?