WTF Wednesday, if only we could prolong the endorphins

I just looked at the computer and realized that it’s 10:00AM and I hadn’t posted yet and I’ve actually been up since 5:30.  How the hell is it 10:00AM already?  And how did I not know?  Maybe because MacGyver is at home and instead of my usual Kelly and Ryan he has some stupid Tru TV comedy show on with stupid criminals that really isn’t comedic at all, it’s more stupid.

walking into wall

So of course I have no idea what time it is because instead of being entertained by the background noise, I’m just annoyed as all hell and now I kind of want to slap somebody.


After taking yesterday off, I ran again this morning for 3 miles.  It put me in my happy place too, which obviously only lasted until the TV issue this morning, but hey baby steps, right?

WTF, it’s Wednesday and today is Google’s birthday.  I wonder how long before it will become a National holiday?

2 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, if only we could prolong the endorphins

  1. I work outside of the home but on those rare occasions that I do work from home I forbid my husband from coming home for lunch. I’ve learned that “you won’t even know I am there!” actually translates to every door being slammed, constant trips past me into the kitchen and clueless inquiries while I am on a conference call of “have you seen my (fill in the blank)?” I’m sorry, doesn’t the headset and the fact that I am speaking into it actually give away that I am on a call?

    • LOL! Sounds like my entire day to a T! Except for the part where my husband literally interrupts my phone call to ask me where we keep the toilet paper, because why bother going to the other bathroom. UGH!

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