Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

Yes, I know, I’m a little late but we were out on a boat literally all day long and I’m crispy from the sun and tired and cranky and hangry and all that jazz.

For the record, we caught some fish.  We did not catch a lot of fish but we did catch some and we are going back out to catch more tomorrow.

Also I took a few pictures on the boat today but we all ended up looking like crap so rather than embarrassing any of us I’ll just post this one of the inlet.

venice inlet

After we got back from our journey my sister and I were cooking dinner and I got a text from mom.

text from mom

I guess I should have paid more attention because I had no idea.  I mean honestly I wasn’t worried about the hurricane because it’s not really expected be all that close to us but we couldn’t find bottled water to take on the boat anywhere.  I had to go to 13 stores before finally I went into Lowe’s and found 6 cases.  Thank the Lord!

We are now prepared to fish for the week and also in case we get hit with a hurricane.  Now if we need a bomb shelter, we’re screwed.

I’ll probably be updating at night this week due to my hectic fishing schedule.  Hopefully you won’t mind…

What did you do for Labor day?

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