Famous Last Words

This might be the last post for a little while.  Remember how I said ‘we never get hurricanes here….’  yeah, well, apparently I lied.

After helping MacGyver and I shore up the Nokomis and Englewood homes, my sister found a rental car online Friday and was able to get her family safely home. (After an incredibly long drive I might add.)

At that time we thought the hurricane was possibly coming into Miami but we still wanted to prepare in case it wasn’t and it was a good thing we did.  We prepared as best we could.  The storm surge however will probably be too much for Nokomis.  I really hope it isn’t but it is what it is.  I am more worried about my family and their safety right now and that is what is most important.  Things can be replaced.

We are in Clearwater right now which is 48 feet above sea level at our home.  It is one of the highest locations in the area.  We have boarded up and put up storm shutters, even over our impact windows.  (MacGyver is very protecting.)

Unfortunately some of the people in our neighborhood did not have time to prepare and did not feel safe in their homes so MacGyver and I have opened our doors to them.  We do not know how our roof is going to hold up to the winds and some of the neighbors have trees that are hanging dangerously close to our house which we did not have time to trim or did not have access to but we are praying they do not fall.  Fingers are crossed and we’ll update family and friends as we can.


6 thoughts on “Famous Last Words

  1. Finger are crossed for you!
    Miami has flooding but doesn’t look like as much as we got in Houston which is good.
    I have some landscaping damage at my FL house, so far that’s all. I’m continuing to hope it withstands the storm.

  2. Hoping and praying that everyone comes out of this ok. In Canada we are dealing with severe unrelenting and out of control forest fires. Hugs to you …jade

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