Eye didn’t see that

Can you believe it is already September 1st?  I know, I can’t either and I’m still over here sweating my ass off because, Florida.  But then again, in a few months, old man winter is going to roll in and y’all are going to be freezing and well be over here like this:


We didn’t see Larry again yesterday.  That little bird took off and didn’t look back.  It makes me happy to know that we raised an independent little guy who can take care of himself but I do miss him terribly.  I also put meal worms outside constantly just in case…..

Yesterday was supposedly the last nice day of sun before afternoon storms so I decided to go ahead and cut the grass and pull the weeds in the mulch beds before we go down to Englewood for our annual fishing trip with my sister.  I was in my own little  world raking away some of the weeds around the fence line and I thought I heard Larry Bird when I raised up without really looking and stabbed myself in the eye with a burglar bush.


Have I mentioned that I’m an idiot?

Thank God I was wearing my contact lenses though it still hurt like a bitch.  Thankfully there was no major damage but MacGyver has banned me from lawn work for the rest of the weekend, you know because I finished it already.

eye roll

Happy Friday y’all!  Tune in next week, I’ve got some great things to tell you about and I’ll be in Englewood with the Davenports for our annual Snook fishing trip!

What are your plans for the weekend?




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